i want a nother dog but my dad and mum wont let me ,what should i do

    i need one now plus i want a chinnese dwaf hamste again even though i just had some what should i do

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    i need answers

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    You can't always get what you want. When I was a kid, my parents gave away my beloved water spaniel. Then, they got a boxer mix, and after a few years, they gave that away too. I'm still angry about that. I begged my dad for years for a dog, and the answer was always NO. Years after I grew up, I found out my mom was the culprit, b/c she was getting tired of dog hair everywhere and cleaning up dog vomit and poop.

    What are the reasons that your parents do not want the dog? Depending on the reason there is going to be a different approach.1)They think you wont take care of the dog.-In this case, ask them if you can have a trial run. Tell them that you will take complete responsibility for the dog(walks, feeding, washing, etc). Ask them if you can have at least 6 months to show them that you will care for the dog(6 months because it is adequate amount of time to prove that you will stick with the care). If at any time in this 6 months you do not care for the dog, and they end up feeding it, reminding you to walk it, etc then they can get rid of it2)They cannot afford it.-There isn't too much you can do about this. If they cannot afford to keep the dog than it is better if it is in another home. Dogs are expensive to feed, and vaccinate, etc.. You may offer to get a job and help out with the cost of the dog. Do not exaggerate and say you will pay for anything the dog needs(your parents are not going to believe that, all moms and dads have heard that one. They will know that picking up a few hours at a grocery store for 6.50/hr will not cover all the dogs needs).3)Doesn't feel as if there is enough time for the dog.Again, not too much you can do about this. If the time is not available, there is nothing that can be done. The dog may be better off in a home that will give him more time.You need to really sit down with your mom and dad and talk. Tell them how you feel, and allow them to tell you their feelings. If their reasons are valid then you need to accept them and not push them.


    great answer! id give you 2 tu`s if i could!!

    Sorry. It's not all about you. The animal has to be thought of first... No matter what our wants are, they can't tell you their wants & needs, etc... Talk to your parents & let us all know what's going on. Then you can better understand.

    As long as you are living with parents who take care of all of your needs, like food, clothing, books for school, the TV, the phone, the computer, the school activities, then they are responsible to make all of the decisions for the home and family.  Remember, the decisions are BEST  FOR EVERYONE....NOT JUST FOR YOU!  Be patient.  Before you know it, you'll be making all of your own decisions and paying for everything.  Then you'll understand.

    Love the dog you have!!!

    If there is an old person living near you who has a dog , you might ask them if they would agree to you taking the dog for walks. That way you would have the pleasure of the dog without the responsibility or the expense. (They might even pay you!).

    Dogs are expensive to keep. Maybe your parents can not afford another dog. What's wrong with the dog you have now? One is enough for any child who does not pay the bills to take care of the dog. 

    Listen to your parents!

    Your parents know best, take notice and you will learn to be patient.


    Parents definitely know best and even though you should never question your parents since there is no reason or excuse for such but if there is any chance of you doing something, as opposed to letting it go and supporting your parents; then you might consider establishing the reason which you should already know and think for yourself if there is any way you should or would really want to go against your parents? Being a child is hard but having parents to make the right decisions with and for you is suppose to give you the beautiful opportunity to enjoy your youth while you can and that is all your parents would want. Have fun and save the time and work of having a dog til when you are a self-supporting adult but at that point, you'll wait because you will have things more important to spend all that money on. Then when you get married and have a child, live it up and get a small breed dog that does shed or have a need for outdoor bathroom breaks and runs to wear them out to cut down the work load. I could keep going but I think I already went overboard on restating the obvious. Have fun and support your parents as they put there everything in you and your future.

    How old are you? No matter, you have your WHOLE LIFE ahead of you. PLENTY of time & times you can get what you want & as many as you want. Especally once you've grown up move out & get your own place! Like I said, you've got PLENTY of time!  And by then you'll be more responsible to the animals. Be patient.

    You should be happy that you have a dog. I'm 18 years old and still I can't have a dog. You don't seem to get it. Be happy what you have, kids or young parents from other countries can't even afford rice or "animals". Be thankful to your parents, that's what matters.

    Be content with what you have.

    Just get a nice rock, one that will sit-up and be quite. Good luck.


    Do you remember the pet rocks? Unbelievable how popular they became. People got rich off rocks. 0.0

    if you just exept the awnser and show no struggle and behave listent etc theyll see that youll be able to take ccare of another dog

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