y don't people quit b so self-serving and vote for the candidate NOT the part!!??

    people r so foolish these dayz they r dumb enuff to vote for their Party and what he/she might gain from their election intead of WHAT IS BEST FOR THE COUNTRY AND ALLL THE PEOPLE!!!???....grow up u bunch of hypocritz!!! (60% of the American Voterz)

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    Lazy, hopeless, unsupported.


    I always thought that too, ccsj. I vote for whomever 's  policies best reflect the needs of the country, adn my needs. I've voted for republicans; and I've voted for democrats.

    The democrats are doing a wonderful job of manipulating voters based on race and gender. They target these areas with the pretense that they are in support when in fact they could care less.  If they did care then they wouldn't be as offensive when a republican comes out that is either black.Hispanic or female.  Look and you will see that each and every time there's one of the above supporting the republican party, they they change position and attack offensively when in fact, its defense.  To name a few, Hermann Cain, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Condi Rice, marco Rubio and this list goes on.  They are of the three mentioned above, very successful but they rip them as if they are the lowest of all lowlife.  Yet, they will promote black, hispanic,female eyc. They are total hypocrites and their agenda is not what these people think.  

      remeber, when creating big government.   If they are big enough to give you stuff, they are big enough to take it away.  You are seeing that now with Obama care.

    You have voters that are voting for either side because they are conditioned to do so.  Peer pressure, ignorance of events, they don't care, they are voting for the person, not the agendas, most don't even know the 'entire agenda' and what it will do to them later down the road.  They will find out though, many already have with their first paycheck this year. Wait until 2014.. OUCH!

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