How do politicians such as this idiot (Todd Akin) ever get any power? 

    please america dont vote for people like this! ;-)


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    Hmmm. Is this dolt an atheist or is he a deeply religious man ?  Let me think for a minute................... I dunno.......I just don't know ;-)


    He's sure in deep alright!

    Dont vote for him, please. !

    It's mind boggling. If he was better looking, he might be forgiven sooner. Damage is ugly.

    Damage control can never be!



    Is this guy for real??

    What the hell is "legitimate rape" for crying out loud?

    Headless Man

    I think what he meant by "legitimate rape" was someone that claim rape after the fact to get even with someone or get money and was not forced, and you know that happens......


    Yes,I know that happens, but whatever way it happens none of it is "legitimate"!
    Headless Man

    Are you saying all sex is rape......?

    Only if it's non consensual by either party.
    Headless Man

    I agree, but what I think he meant was that if it was consensual but then claim rape after the fact it would be "legitimate rape"

    Legitimate "sex" perhaps,but "rape" NO!
    The act of reporting it as rape is NOT "legitimate".
    Headless Man

    Yea, OK.....

    A stupid remark. One which he will pay for in the next election.

    He's not the only Republican to hold extremist views, how about Andy Gipson from Mississippi who says gays should be executed, quoting of course Leviticus and Romans 1:26-28.

    They say you get the government you deserve.

    ed shank

    Stupid remarks are not just reserved for Republicans. It was one of the stupidest remarks I've heard in a long time and think he should step out of the race. I know of a Democrate that said all small businsses exist because of government. Also a stupid comment.

    What he said will follow him and his career for the rest of his life (I hope).........

    He got elected because like most politicians he is good at deception, mendacity, and just plain lying. Some people are simply very good actors. The problem is that you can't avoid being stupid all the time, now can you?

    A wind-up wrist watch that is stopped….display perfect timing twice a day. The trick is to be on stage when right and at no other time or we hear comments like “legitimate rape” that sets everyones head to reeling about like a candy pop on a broken stem. 

    Being in the company of the right people, expressing the right manners, and saying the right things.

    Saying something that you heard and haven't checked out was stupid, both parties do this and always will when your trying to be liked and not just being honest.

    its because of corruption



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