how i convert rar file to normal file?

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    Try this >

    hey there, nirali, to open a .rar, u need a compression engine software like winzip, winrar, zipgenius etc inztalled on ur pc. this 'rar' of ur'z is a file that has been compressed by winrar, u can get a free version of it by juz  googl'ing it , once u have inztalled it u juz right clik on the file u want 2 open n' chooze, ' extract to.. followed by the name of ur file.                                                what winrar does is, if the name of ur rar'ed file is say, called 'testy',  it will 1st create a folder called testy, and then it will expand the contents of that 'rar', into this new folder. from there u juz double clik on the folder, (u may find another folder of the same name here), juz doulble clik on this one to and u will see what u have inside.  all pc'z should have winrar installed coz it'z haz the best compression rate n' it'z nice, quik n' eazy. hope that helps. {^_^}


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