What is the best brand of timing chains?

    For diesel motors eg. nssian Navara D40. I konw Genuine parts are best but expensive. I'm ask about aftermarket parts. Is FAI Auto Partsgood?

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    If you have a Nissan brand chain on your car it should last the life of the motor I have an Xtrail and thats what they told me contact Nissan.

    David Goard

    I disagree with that. Chain wear & stretch especially with turbo Diesels. I have heard that th Primary timing chain failure at around 100,000Km with carbon biuld up, even with regular servicing. Check the Nissan Forums.
    Deleted User

    My car is 2007 model it has close to 100,000kms on the clock I asked do I change my timing belt the service manager told me that its a chain and they dont change them, it is very rare, maybe because mine is petrol and yours is diesel? I have no idea I just figured if mine broke or played up I would go back to the same guy and say WTF mate you told me it would live :)

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