How do you feel about seeing people with half their teeth in their month because they cannot afford dental care? I been seeing a lot of that lately in my city.

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    I have always wondered why dental care was not covered by medicare insurance. Dentistry is one of our most important health care issues and to see people unable to afford excellent dental care is a crime. I think it is considered an aesthetic art rather than medical practice now and the bottom line is that it's all about the money money money and not about the health care field actually 'caring'....sad.



    lindilou I am so saddened by this. It makes me want to cry whenever I see people without their teeth, or teeth missing when the 'dental arts' can correct this for everyone in this country. I hope we all stand up for this issue for all people.

    We have dental here in Australia for the poor but you have to be on a waiting list this can depend on the seriousness of the problem.

    Bad teeth causes so many problems bad health poor diets , I believe all health should be a free service to everyone not just for those whom can afford it...

    I am sad to hear this.  Hope things do change for the better soon.

    personally i use to think it was redicilous  not getting them teeth fixed and said i dont ever want to go without my front teeth guess what i have now the second one is almost gone  in my thing i have to be pre medicated because of a bad heart condition  but as soon as i can im gonna get them fixed it is a long process for me though  but money is the problem everywhere its not cheap going to the dentzist ya just cant go 1 time and its over i get mine done in about a 2 month treatment .


    I'm praying for you and wish you the best with this!

    In the UK, poor people can get free dental treatment on the NHS, but many dentists refuse to work under this system as the returns are so poor. People should realise that tooth decay can be prevented by brushing and flossing and above all by controlling sugar consumption.

    It's sad, and the problems can go far beyond the mouth. Advanced gum disease has been linked to heart problems. In the last 2 years or so, I've had $30,000+ worth of dental care (5 implants, root canals, etc.). Thankfully, I was able to pay the bill.  

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    My friend had all her teeth pulled out and had false teeth in 6months cost via disability benefits $150 all up ..
    If she was a working person would have been up to $20,000 big difference isnt it? kind of makes you wonder how they justify there prices!

    You might want to edit a movie call the walking toothless!

    I use to work with a group of trashy rednecks . People like this have no desire to have a mouth full of teeth. Because they keep getting them knocked out from fighting or their wives knocking them out. If it was important to them to have teeth they would get them. Money was never a reason for them. They made alot of money with their coon hunts and construction work. They valued their coon dogs over their wives. That should tell you alot.

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