Do you know that during Reagan first term, for every $1,000 you had in the average savings account your earned $120, Clinton $40, Bush $70, Obama it is only $2

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    At least you get a return, I get deficits!

    Bwankers eh?

    Jack Large

    It is not the bankers, it is the poor economy, that has them paying less than one half of one percent interest on savings accounts.

    To get one and one half percent for one year, you need to buy a $50,000 CD.


    It was the bwankers here that got us into this friggin mess and they still award themselves multi-million bonuses. And who pays for them?
    Jack Large

    Actually it was the Federal Government, not the banks.

    It was "Freddy Mac" and "Fanny Ma" that forced the banks to grant 120% Mortgages, to people who could only afford to pay the ARM interest.

    Bush in 2006 and 2007 tried to stop the practice but Demarcates, who controlled Congress, said that was RACIST

    GOD bless Reagan and all he did for which was once a great country.If only Obuma could learn a bit something..

    proof that Democrats spend maybe? 

    Interest rates are directly linked to inflation rates. If you're going to attack Obama, this is not the issue du jour. Would you prefer a higher inflation rate?

    Jack Large

    Are you kidding? The current inflation rate is well over the growth in GDP. It is over 3% and it will get worse as Obomacare kicks in and our children and grand children begin to pay off the nearly four TRILLION Obama has added to the National Debt.

    Well, the banks caused most of our financial meltdown, corruption and greed to booth. Unrealistic Government and Local Salaries and outrageous Pension Plans. This is the worst I have ever seen.

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