Where can I find lead additives for my 1966 Mustang?

    I used to be able to find a gasoline lead additive. It came in a liter container and I added about an ounce per 10 gallons of gas.

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    You can't find it anymore that I'm aware of... You may just have to replace the heads on your engine. The old valve guides are copper, and it you use unleaded gas it will melt your valve guides.

    Best thing to do is find them at a machine shop, already ported and polished. Good luck. Maybe you can find something on line, but probably not.

    Try China, they seem put put lead in everything from children toys to drywall. I believe it is illegal due to EPA regulations.
    there are lead replacements at the auto store but i use apint of trans fluid when i fill up

    mustangs rule challengers dreul lol

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