Injured dog, Missy, rescued from mountain in Colorado. Who should get to keep the dog: The owner or the hiker who found her?




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    May God bless you compassion.

    I wonder if we get points in heaven for being kind and helpful to rescuing them ?

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    The previous owner should have kept his mouth shut and been thankful Missy was rescued. 
    He did not go back for his dog, just left her to die; the Washburns had a team ready to go get her less than 48 hours later.  Is there really a valid question about who should get her?

    Let the punishment, if there is any, fit the crime?  Leave AO on the mountaintop with no food or water. Oh, and to make it a totally level "playing field", take away his shoes (let him keep his socks).  


    Message well received....Loud and clear...

    Thank you!

    Thank YOU!

    Scott and Amanda Washburn are heroes!

    There is no way the "owner" should have 

    Missy returned to him. It's a sad but

    heartwarming story. Dang, where's my


    The hiker, most definitely. They were the only ones to show any compassion for the poor dog, the owner should be prosecuted in my opinion, I hope Missy eventually gets to a loving home.

    Sad but relieved face, bless her.

    Scott and Amanda Washburn cared more for this dog, than the owner did. How could he have left Missy up on the mountain, without trying to find someone to help him rescue the dog? Missy needs to be with people who truly love and care for her. The owner schould be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

    A short term of persecution would be an appropriate punishment. 

    I can be cruel too.


    Rough call. I can see the owner loving the dog but not enough. The dog should go to the people who truly cared enough to help.....

    Let Animal Control have a hearing before a Judge, and let him/her decide.  The Judge is more skilled at making this type of evaluation. 

    Scott and Amanda, should get to  dog, because with out them, the dog could of died there.

    Is this the owner ? 


    As Chief Animal Control Officer of akatown I officially state the definitive decision- the Washburn's should be Missy's newly adopted family.

    The previous owner should not be allowed to have a dog for 10 years!

    The caring, lover and hiker who found her! How could the dog get up there in the first place unless the owner put her up there!!!

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