After answering, the question about the difference of being smart or well educated posted here, I believe a fair question is of the two leading candidates, who has the greater credibility and greater respect of their smarts, intelligence, emotional being, and better educated Mitt Romney or President Obama?

    Is Romney and the Republican Party, historically, going  to hot-button issues like abortion, gay marriage, etc to appeal to a poorer, more religiously oriented voter core, as Republicans and their "less government: in our lives have increased government spending, but for the wrong reasons, with priorities askew, important issues get stalemated and stagnate for the want of a few common sense people who can compromise rather than are hypocritical to the point of harm to the nation.

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    Bottom Line is a distinct feeling that once again, the Republicans running their 'chicken little' campaigns full of half truths, (as when Bush was selling the last Iraq conflict and having General Powell as a pawn he played because of his credibility.) innuendo, bald face lies, and a total disregard for the people of this land. Ronald Reagan once wanted to cut school lunch programs and declared ketchup a vegetable. How about another Dick Nixon, more Rumsfelds, Cheneys on and on. We get two presidents, both Democrats, who try to do something for the people via the healthcare benefit, and you folks cry bloody murder, when the prior president ran up billions and billions in War costs, to chase down two "evil doers" and new damn well that ther was no true evidence of weapons of mass destruction, but was drawn by the lure of glory and oil and other perverse reasons only history will sort out. Republicans have never been fiscally responsible in the 63 years I have been on this planet, and have been responsible for escalating and initiating Defense buildups (invading Cambodia) and leaving the citizens of this country to suffer in the richest land on the planet, to have 3rd world medical care in a 1st class system that no-one can afford. I want a president that truly puts the citizens who pay his salary to have the best decision maker and is well-rounded, quick to learn, and honest to the point of losing his job, by addressing problems, not covering them up and blaming others. I hold Obama in that esteem, not because he talks well, but his heart is in the right place by putting the individual citizens at least in the running to receive some intelligent governance of his investment in this land. I thank you all for your input in this important election and if I see some spot of brilliance suddenly emerge from Mr Romney's corner, I will reconsider my position.

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    Obama is well educated and is an excellent Orator. But that is where it ends. Romney is a businessman and very smart. The government is a business and I know that Romney would be able to turn our economy around and make the right decicions for our country and its people.

    Our  National debt is like a run-away train under the Obama Administration and needs to be stopped or our country will never come back!.

    ed shank

    I totally agree.

    Logically, you make good points and I agree with some of them. The question remains, though, as a capitalist entrepreneur, Mitt Romney was an opportunist, slashing jobs at some of the financial organizations to feather his own nest. Government isn't in the business of making money, but managing it in a way that is prudent. The last Republican we had, George Jr. landed us into a financial morass not Obama, and many before him did the same thing, Ronald Reagan in giant defense buildups in wasteful ventures like refitting the US Missouri at billions of dollars for obsolete, but noble, attempts at rebuilding the nation's pride in our armed forces than shortly thereafter mothballing it. Mitt Romney is politically inept and unless he has a 90% republican Congress, he, like all presidents can affect little change on the economy by themselves. We had a balanced budget with our philandering Mr.Clinton, despite the fact he was harassed, mercilessly for the 8 yrs he served for every nitpicking thing except his performance of the economy and is still sought out for his sage advice on world matters. If it is a run-away train, guess who was the engineer? Bush, Cheney was the Fireman stoking the war machine, with 100 dollar bills for fuel. Have you heard from Bush lately, he seems to be lying pretty low, choosing to stay away from the memorial for 9-11. And I personally believe Obama made some damn good decisions regarding money matters, putting it where the American people might benefit, rather than blow up a country and than rebuild it, which was total insanity. Talk about a money flush which the more you destroyed, the more you had to rebuild with tax dollars. I respectfully disagree, but appreciate your response.
    Jack Large

    If what you believe to be true was actually true, why is Obama not running on his great record, instead of attacking Romney?

    I respectfully disagree, but appreciate your response


    Woofer 49. Yes, Bush started two wars which was and is financially irresponsible.Clintons repeal of the Glass Seagal Act of 1933 in 1999 was the cause of our financial housing crisis which devastated our country. Both democratic and republican presidents shaped our current economy.

    I worked in MA, when Rommney was governor, and he did great things there!

    CREDIBILITY: Romney, SELF RESPECT: Both, INTELLIGENCE: Both in their respective fields, EDUCATED: Don't know either ones exact educational background. All of Obama's records however are sealed concerning his college days.


    Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School.
    Jack Large

    That fact is available in the school record. Obama, on the other hand, has never revealed it personal school records.

    One has to wonder was or is the media on that?
    They sure looked into all President Bush's school and military records.

    One of Obama's class mates believes Obama attend Columbia University, with a Scholarship as a FOREIGN studet. Makes one Curious does it not?


    Thank you for your objectivity

    That  is obvious, Obama has shown he does not have a clue about how to create jobs or  improve the Economy.

    He has shown to be GREAT at raising the National Debt by 1.2 TRILLION DOLLARS a year for over three year.

    That is not only stupid, it is destroying the future for our children and grand children.

    His failure to address the emanate bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare is almost criminal

    His re-election will be a disaster for the USA.






    So I surmise that of the two, because one is rich and successful, that will make him a better manager of the US of A? Or blame today's current problems solely on Obama, when he roadblocked by individuals filled with hate and anger, possibly prejudicial racially, I am not saying your wrong, and you didn't answer my question, your motivation is anger of perceived errors in judgements, not yet happening only about fears you have for the future. Reading between the lines, do you believe you are objective and fair, given what he had landed in his lap after the now laying low Bush. Do you believe one newspaper, one TV station to the exclusion of other points of view? What is a rich, politically and socially clumsy individual like Mitt Romney going to do better? And please Be Fair and Honest, how will your life personally improve under Romney, thanks for your input

    Jack Large

    No Racial problem here, I'm black. Obama himself said "If I can not change things in three years It will be a one term thing." He has been afraid to even mention his record during the Campaign.

    Look around, there are nearly 250,000,000 FEWER jobs available in the US and millions more are on Food Stamps since he took office and he has produced the biggest increase in the National Debt in our history.

    Why would anyone vote for four more years of that, what every party, or whomever was President who had a record as bad as Obama.

    Even his own party that controls the Senate has not passed the Annual Budgets he has submitted, as required the Constitution, for THREE straight years.

    ed shank

    Wells said Jack. The KOOL-AID is still flowing though.

    Let’s take a look at Barack Obama’s record these last four years:

    • 23 million Americans are out of work, have stopped looking for work, or are underemployed
    • $16 trillion national debt (that’s $50,000 for every American)
    • 43 straight months of 8% or higher unemployment
    • 4 straight trillion dollar budget deficits in a row -- more than any other president combined

    We CAN NOT afford another 4 years of Obama!

    Stop with the laying blame on Bush crap. Obama has had 4 years to come up with a budget that works to downsize government spending and 4 year to create jobs that middle America can apply for. He claims that he created 26 or so million new jobs. Where are they? Who got employed at these jobs? Perhaps it was his illegal immigrant friends. My state was just forced to take in 6000 illegal immigrants and find them jobs. They came first over the legal citizens in my state who need jobs. Obama takes care of his own and screws the rest of us. He has done nothing, NOTHING to lower spending. Instead he has borrowed more money to keep government spending alive. The only thing he has managed to lower is the US credit rating and that is because his administration never created a budget! They take, take, take and spend, spend, spend and now Obama looks to increase taxes in a devastated economy to cover all his wasteful spending. He took up the shovel that Bush left behind and instead of filling in the hole Bush dug us into, he jumped into it and dug further down. Instead of blaming Bush for 4 years, he should have been a more solid and smarter president and fixed the damage done by Bush, not added to it. He was never ready to lead this nation out of the mess Bush and Clinton created. He did not have the experience or smarts to do so. He still doesn't. He's a puppet with a good speaking voice. That's it.

    Jack Large where the heck is your brain. Bush was losing over 700,000 jobs a month when Obama took office. Obama kept us from going over the financial brink and produced over 50,000 jobs a month for many many moons and months since being in office. Open your eyes and be fair. You can check fact by going to or Politifact. There is a lot of misinformation out in the media because Carl Rove and the billionaires have put hundreds of millions of dollars into these campaigns by way of negative and lying political ads. Do some checking before your grandmother get kicked off social security and medicare because of untruthful political ads. Good Luck with finding truth for all people.

    Obama's plan to get us over the brink caused our credit rating to fall twice as he added to the deficit. I do not see that as a plan. What are you going to say next year when the bottom drops out of the American dollar due to his plan and the US losing it's credit rating? Again, WHERE ARE THE JOBS? Are they jobs available for the middle class or the poor class? Are they jobs that pay a reasonable wage? Are they full time jobs or are they seasonal jobs? Can people live off the pay from these jobs? Or are they only white collar jobs that the low and middle sector can not touch? You are still following the Obama train that is leaving lies and destroyed lives in it's wake telling others to fact check. Take your own advice. Don't stick to only one or two websites. Read them all like I do. Who is checking or Politifact's "facts"? What side of the fence do they appear to fall to? Go check that fact. I Googled and found this a domain that is for sale. Maybe you have another link that you could post instead of just saying the name.

    Class and Education:  Mitt Romney.

    Perspicacity and Perspicuity:  Obama.

    Charisma: slight edge to Obama.  Looks: a tie.

    Just my opinion.


    You got my vote for word man I got to confer with my pal Webster ;>) Thanx for responding. As soon as I find out what you said in

    line 2 I may be back......LOL
    Maybe you ought to throw your hat in the ring!

    By far Romney has an advantage in virtually every area. Obuma is trying to change the U.S. into Europe and his do nothing approach is tiring. Not to mention his horrible track record so far. 

    IF RE-ELECTED he will bring this once great nation, even further to the edge of distruction.



    Who the heck is this and what have you done to Clonge? Must be a kidnapper? Is Clonge tied up in the basment? lol

    Michelle Obama

    I need less of this Change and Hope, and more of a leader who will run this country like a business and not a corrupt set of scams as Acorn, etc.  Bring on Rommney!

    Romney is more honest and ethical than Obama.


    No he isn't but it's neither here nor there. He quit rather than have the illegal voting investigated.

    woofer49 thanks for this question. I love politics and tend to pay attention to what is going and plus I volunteer for political activities whenever I can.  I wish people had more time to fact check before they get behind the rhetoric sometimes is not true.  I believe people can Google fact check what politicians say.   One big fact is that Obama kept us from going all the way under.  Financially the US was slidding off the cliff.  President Bush was losing over 500,000 a month.  Obama has many thousands of jobs being added every month.  Republicans would rather choke on a snake than give that credit to Obama.  Republicans did everything they could to see Obama fail.  They would not vote on the jobs bill to fix the bridges and roadways.  We have about 8,000 bridges that are in bad shape in the US.  The Republicans rather fight Obama, no cooperation what so ever.  They act like spoiled little children instead of looking out for society and its well being.   As far is who is the smartest, Mitt or Obama.  They are both very smart.  It's not the smartness its the intentions.  Mitt is smart because he and Bush did what the rich and powerful commanded.  Republicans took the debt up more than anybody, but they spent money on different things . . . wars, space exploration, less taxes for rich people.  Democrates spend money on people, schools, policemen, libraries, health care.  It depends on how rich you that will determine what and who you support.   Political analyst on tv have indicated that they have never seen a campaign lie as much as the Mitt campaign has done this campaign cycle.  It's facinating to me and I do not see why people go for it.  But I guess big money and untruths fool a lot of people.  I hope people fact check more, no matter who you think is right or who you like.  I like Mitt Romney as a person and businessman.  But economist say if we get him as president he will be a disaster.  Why?  Because as Mitt said himself, he will get rid of the Board of Education, Environmental Protection Agency (more lung cancer for us all),  US post office and make it privitized (his big dream to privitize everything).  My prayer for those of us that influence people . . . "Fact Check"  with groups that are not Democrats or Republicans before you speak or write.


    Obama killed the pipeline form Canada though the USA. A project that would have employed thousands. Where are these jobs he created? Can I have one? I still can not find them. Where is Obama's budget? Is it still trying to materialize? What happened to a transparent administration? Why have so many laws been passed in secret midnight sessions? He promised to bring our troops home when he became president, he instead sent more troops over then tossed us into another useless war (Libya) which we lost by achieving nothing (again). He now wants to downsize the military and pay the military members less. That's a fine thank you very much for their service under his command. The only things Obama has managed to accomplish as far as I can see are things that benefit him and not the American people. ObamacareTAX? He can choke on it! I don't care what he calls it, the US Supreme court calls it a tax so tax it is!
    Jack Large

    Obama and the Dimoctes, who control the Senate, have not past an Annual Budget in THREE years, as required by the Constitution!

    What they did do instead was pass a "Continuing Resolution" that contained the previous Annual Budget for THREE years that INCLUDES an INCREASE in spending of 15%! Is it any wondered the NATION DEPT has gone up 1.2 TRILLION DOLLAR A YEAR FOR NEALY FOUR YEARS?

    In other words, they opted to follow Bush's budget plan. This same plan that they use to blame Bush for all the deficit woes. Obama seems to like it well enough to keep using it.

    Colleen with regard to the pipeline, obama killed it because unlike president bush, he listened to all the environment people who said it would cause too much environmental destruction. People all over the world begged president bush not to start the irack war. he ignored them all that. that's why people were crying and happy with obama was elected. they felt they had a president that would listen to the people. he listens better than bush and i'm sure better than mitt romney. people in a city back east are now begging mitt to not ship their jobs to china, a company bain owns. last i heard they are block trucks from coming in and out and have not heard from romney yet.
    Jack Large

    Really? The fact is the total number of Jobs today is fewer than when Obama took office, regardless of his job numbers clams.

    The number of new jobs would need to go UP by two million annually, just keep up with the population increases in the US.

    The average income in the US has DROPPED $8,000 since Obama took office.

    The inflation rate has increased around 2% a year since he took office because of the nearly SIX TRILLION dollar INCREASE in the NATIONAL DEBT, since he took office and is projected to go to double digits by 2016

    The House Budget Office says it will continue to increase at a rate of over ONE TRILLION a year by 2016.

    If you want to voted for Obama based on THAT record, you are a fool.

    The black man will vote for Rommey instead

    "he listened to all the environment people "

    The tree huggers who believe they are doing something marvelous but really just impede on progress. The pipeline could be moved. In my opinion tree huggers are a bunch of egoists who have made nature a religion, a cult religion. Over aged, over grown hippies. Let's not keep blaming Bush. Obama's failings are his own. I did not want to go into Libya and I certainly did not need or want Obama apologizing to Libya for Reagan dropping bombs on them for kidnapping our people. We should never have been involved in Libya's civil uprising but ooops, there we were and now Libya hates us more than ever. Thanks Obama! A trillion dollars and many American lives wasted on that venture. Obama promised to bring the troops home from Iraq within 6 months after he was elected, he instead sent 3000 more troops over seas. It wasn't until last year that he began bringing them home after making some do a 4th tour of duty. Obama does NOT listen to the people. Mitt will remove the intensives that Clinton put into place to get businesses to move over seas. He will instead give those intensives to companies to stay here on American soil and create more jobs here. As a Governor he can not offer those intensives so there's little he can do to stop that company from moving. A president he can give such companies a reason not to move. You listen to to Obama camp too much. They lie and so does their leader. And I STILL want to know where all these jobs Obama create are! WHERE ARE THEY??? I keep asking and yet no one answers. We are also more dependent on foreign oil than ever since Obama shut down 1/2 of the oil drilling companies on government land causing a depletion of thousands of jobs and a spike in oil prices. He needs a huge Donald Trump style,"YOUR FIRED!" message. Not votes from people still waiting for all the free stuff he promised them.
    Here's the only that I can find

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