My ford Gt Probe 95/96 stalls at idle & has massive vaccum problem. It now starts it can't keep itself running?

    I have to keep the rev's up over 1000rpm's at the lights, shove it in neut. & when the lights go green change into drive, then it struggles with no acceleration. Acceleration pedal to the floor  its doesn't matter (I check by selecting neut. & the rpm's rev as hard as my foot is to the floor, back into drive & struggling at 10kph) My car putt putt's over the intersection. Braking is the WORST - if l brake suddenly rev's go down rpm's races drops serverly to 0rpm's. Stalled. This is dangerous my car can't get me out of trouble & I can't it out of trouble. Railway crossings are the worst.

    Anyway, (It feels like a blockage of fuel or no vaccum) occasionully it does serg forward, Fuel gauge drops when L go around bends & corners. Til about 57kph drags, then it might clear,  it gets to 80kph and has no power. Up Hills I'll be try'n 80k's & by the top i'm doing 40 or less. 

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    i don,t no

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