1996 gmc jimmy: replaced battery last week (after having old/new--11/11--charged a month ago). today it's dead. and the alarm system has not worked properly since new battery installed. sets alarm but does not lock/unlock doors and cannot lock using power lock and key no longer locks/unlocks on start/stop. what can i do?

    more info: had to take out overhead light and undo connection to lights in rear view mirror as connected to/with alarm system. i don't have an extra $1000 lying around to have shop run down the problem. anyway to check to module associated with the alarm system as I do feel that is the problem with the battery not holding a charge. oh, new altenator 11/11 also. or, could it be as simple as a fuse? no, not with my luck. HELP!!!!!

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    Have the alarm system checked. It could be what's draining the battery. Good luck. 

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