We are beginner pool owners. For the 2 months we have had our pool it has remained pristine clean. Now it is a funky, cloudy yellow. One the floor of the pool, there is an accumulation that reminds me of dead algae (or maybe its alive) My husband has shocked the pool, added algecide, but nothing seems to clear the water. What can we do?

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    take a water sample to your pool chemical supplier.  They will analyze it and tell you what the trouble is.  One thing that I remembered is that the chlorine will evaporate fast in hot weather, and will dilute greatly when it rains.  Sounds like you are under treating the water.  I would pour 5 gal. of liquid chlorine in at once, then test in a few hours with your test kit.  You have one, right, if not, go get one.  Do not test immediately, as it will not be accurate for a while.  Whenever you treat, the chemicals change the pH, so keeping this in mind, check not only the chlorine, but the alkalinity or acidity (pH) too. 

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