Why is it not a quailifcation to be in the military to run for president? How can they decide if they never expericensed be in a war.

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    Because a non-military person said it wasn’t fair. Besides what’s does fighting for freedom and running a free country have in common anyway.

    The president is responsible for the whole country and can't possibly be an expert in all of the areas that entails. For example, he is also the primary diplomat, chief economist, commander of the military, and countless other aspect of leadership. Therefore, he consults with people that are considered experts in those diciplines and then delegates authority. The president is the big picture guy and doesn't need to get mired down in extranious detail. A person doesn't have to haved served in the military to appreciate the horrors of war or it's necessary applications. Any rational person knows that war is a last result or it should be. You don't need to own a gun to know that the bullet is going to kill you.

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