when do I cut zuccini's off the Plant?

    I say when flower is in full bloom. My Brother says 8 to 10 inches. But if the flower dies...the zuccini starts the process of dying. Please help!

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    While it might be tempting to let your zucchini grow really large, the best flavor comes with the smaller fruit. Large ones start to get woody, and the seeds are getting hard inside as well. Pick them around 6 to 10 inches long. They will grow quite quickly, so plan on checking the vines every couple of days.

    It’s almost inevitable that one or two zucchinis will be missed, and you will discover a huge one growing in a corner somewhere. You can still use it, but it will likely work best grated in a baked recipe (like muffins).

    Handle the fruit carefully once you’ve picked them off the vine. The skin is very thin and it can get scratched or bruised easily. Zucchinis don’t hold their flavor very long after picking. You can store them in the fridge but should use them up within a week.

    You cut it as you are ready to eat it...............

    do cut them when they are small, and often, maybe every day, if the plants are prolific.  Do not leave them for an extra day after they are ready, even if you do not need them, pick and give them away/sell them.  In a day, if conditions are right, they will become undesirable. 

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