I have been blindsided by a the man that I hve been happily married to for 22 years. Last Christmas, I found out that he told our 15 yr old daughter that he is going to do everything he can to get me arrested and either put in jail or a mental hospital. Sadly, my husband is a celebrity and the Police,all the way to Psychiatrists are fooled by him. He drugged me one night, and before I knew what was happening, the police were pulling me out of bed. I was told that I was SCREAMING at my little

    boy.  I don't remember doing anything like that, however because of other more degrading yet subtle actions, that my husband and NOW daughter were doing to me, including Christmas was coming, and my father had just died, I was seriously falling into a trap.  I had become depressed and withdrawn.  But I had no idea that I was setting myself up for the beginning of the biggest NIGHTMARE of my life. 

    The police literally dragged me out of my house, while my "husband" watched.  Now I was screaming, because I didn't know what was happening.  I ended up in a facility for Severly Mentally Disturbed People.  My room was across the the "Geri-Chair".  I could hear patients all day and night being strapped into that chair....screaming...and being zapped.  It stopped randomly, whenever the "counselor" got bored.

    Christmas and New Years Day came and went.  And I cried and kicked the window for days.  I was scared and aful to everyone because I was so mad.  The doctors took notes of EVERYTHING I said and did.  The Pshychiatrist wanted to diagnose me as Paranoid/Schizophrenic.  Fortunately, I caught on to the process and the games at that place and I "shaped up" asap.  So I would look like the misplaced victim that I was.  When the "Doctor" saw the change, he had to release me.  Right back to my husband. So my husband had no choice but to act like the loving, concerned man, that almost lost his wife o a mental illness.  He picked me up, and cried to the doctor about how scared and concerned he had been. I wanted to believe him, so for a while I did believe him.  I went home with him and he was great.  But only as long as people were watching. 

    Of course it started up again.  Torture on top of verbal torture. And now on top of financial torture.  He has been degrading me for so long now, I am done.

    But the caveot is, my children. And even my family.  (Mother, brother and sister.  They all treat me like I stll belong in an institute, which is more than sad and ironic, because when they needed help,  I was always the one that was there, personally and financially). But for right now I am more concerned for my kids. They do not understand why I cry.  Why I am MAD, basically why I am going through all these emotions.  Especially my now 17 year old. She is so confused.  So she has decided to hate me.  There is a full book of stories to tell, but the main question is this:  WHO, WITHIN THE LEGAL SYSTEM, CAN I TURN TO FOR DOCUMENTED HELP?  Not the police, because has hasn't touched me.  One good body slam or head butt and I can call.  BUT any other type of abuse....I have no where to turn.  The cops call it free speach.

    We are obviously getting a divorce, and I have a lawyer, but in actuallity, I am screwed.  He has left me a broken, depressed person.  I WANT TO NAIL HIS ASS TO THE GROUND.  I WANT TO SUPER GLUE HIS manhood (edited by moderator) TO HIS LEG, I WANT TO CALL ESPN.

    But the biggest problem for me is, I miss the person he was.  Because that person was my best friend, and partner.  I don't recognize this person. And I don't know where my REAL HUSBAND WENT..

    I DON'T KNOW WHERE THOSE INNOCENT, GREAT KIDS WE HAD WENT EITHER.  Why is it that one person can snap, and by doing so, literally take down, everyone with them?  And really?  Can a Man flip out that easily and decide to hurt his wife to see if he feels better?  I do no get it at all.  Help..

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    Maybe a shelter for abused women can put you in

    touch with the people you need, to help you with

    this situation.

    Dear Betrayed:  You mentioned a facility for "Severly Mentally Disturbed People" but you did not give the actual name of it.  It should be broadcast to the world, so everyone knows of this terrible place.  Could you please give us the name, complete address with zip code, telephone number, manager's name, owner's name and contact name.  We will look into it immediately!

    Get a better lawyer who can answer all these questions for you. I'm not so sure I believe all this. This sounds like something straight out of a Hollywood script. Good luck. 


    Hi, let's assume that her account of the story is true, where or how does she go about finding a better lawyer? From my own experience this is easier said than done and so called 'good lawyers' can cost an awful lot of money, at least that is so where I live.

    I'm sorry but this is the internet. Based on the stories I've seen posted here in the last year and a half, I'm going to assume she has an imagination that works over time. Anyone who is truly going through something like this is not going to have the time nor the courage to type all this out and submit it to a bunch of strangers on the internet. She should be living in such fear that she would not take the chance of her husband ever finding out she did this. If her home town police are on her husband's side in this and will not listen to her, there is always the state police. They are harder to schmooze than local police and you can't buy them off either. The story makes no sense. I'm going to assume she had an idea for a novel and decided to test out the story line on us to see the reactions and figure out the necessary corrections for the story. None of us are professionals. There's not a thing we can do for her. We don't even know where she is. She has two options, call the police and have him arrested for abuse or run and find a battered women's shelter. Can you save her west-bus? Because if you can, then do it. I'll stick to believing that no one in their right mind posts something like this to a free general question and answer forum.

    colleen, did you see the movie "enough" with jennifer lopez? sounds like the movie to me.

    No, I did not see the movie but I've seen plenty other movies with this same story base.

    Happily married for 22 years ,what has gone wrong all of a sudden ?There is always two sides to a story.Seems that one of you are not coping with whatever the situation is.What are his reasons for wanting to put you into a mental health care facility ?Do you think that you have any mental issues that should be dealt with ?If a family member is suffering from a mental illness it does put strain on the other members of the family.Whatever is happening in your household is not normal,therefore you and your husband may need therapy/counselling.


    My answer was posted before betrayed added further content.

    There are 3 sides to every story....his side, her side, and what really happened ;-)

    Can you refrain from the use of Super Glue?


    : ) *sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffffffffff!*

    yes. just call mrs. bobbits instead.

    It would be a relief if this posting turned out to be a hoax of someone with a twisted mind but if only half of it is found to be true then it is deeply disturbing and should be rigorously investigated. I for one have my doubts about the authenticity of this account but it leaves me with a nagging thought. 



    These are the kinds of "stories" that cause people NOT to believe those cases where it IS real...too much drama. Let's see if she comes forth with the information that I requested. There should be no reason for her not to divulge it, unless she is fabricating.

    betrayed thank you for sharing your story with the wise souls of akaqa. Our people are from every walk of life and I love them!!!  I love and am facinating by your story because that is the story of so many people, but it does not get out to the public that much.  A few tv shows had stories of women who thought they married one type of person, but it turned out to be somebody totally different. My  view point is, keep moving on with your life.  Get involved with things that interest and support you!!! These types people know how to fool therapist and everybody else.  There is a pretty good book out called "The Sociopath Next Door" and it gives advice on what to do if you encounter one.  In your case it hard because your 'other half' is a pro celebrity and its hard to let go of that money they are generally making.  Be strong, hang, and get some good advice.  Another good book by Susan Forward,  I think its called Men that lie.  She also has a consulting/counseling service, I  beleive she is located in L.A.  California.  Good Luck & Be Strong. Happy you found akaqa.


    Really? 0.0
    Is this because her husband is a celebrity?



    To me, it sounds as though your best recourse would be to document his behavior. The best way would perhaps be to record what he is pulling in private. I don't know what the laws of your state are, as some won't allow tape recording as evidence if he was not aware of them being made at the time. But, it would at least demonstrate to others what exactly is going on, and from there you could gain some allies.

    If, indeed your spouse is that treacherous, you might want to leave a notarized document with someone you can trust, detailing what has been done to you, in the event that something does happen to you to cause your death. It won't prevent anything, but it also won't allow him to get away with anything either. I say this, as this man sounds very treacherous, and for those who have never had exposure to people of that nature...all their tactics come as a giant surprise, and often overwhelms a victim of them.

    You need to avoid doing anything that will cause you legal problems, as I am sure he will attempt to bait you into things. Contact a lawyer...and perhaps have his help in drafting or holding a letter I previously mentioned.

    Taking up a musical instrument is a great way of releasing pent up creative energy....

    Anne Vallayer-Coster, Attributes of Music, 1770. This still life painting depicts a variety of musical instruments.


    very complicated situation. I'm trying to sort it out. You need  1. a social worker  2. an attorney  3. psychological help  4. family therapy  5 . to be looked at by your doctor 6. to get to know God and pray to Him  ( all these ideas are not neccessarily in order of importance )

    I don't know what to say. I am only 12 years old but I'm truly sorry for you. I am. I feel terrible and pray with you.

    That sounds terrible. I have seen what the celebrities and not saying that your husband is like this but it could be because he wishes to divorce you because he has found someone else. However, if he were to put you in jail or in a mental hospital then he would not be able to divorce you as they are the two main reason for not being able to legally divorce. Your situation sounds serious and for now I recommend that you try not to do anything that can get you in trouble and get someone to look further into this mess.

    Hope I could be of help!


    Umm, here in the USA, people can divorce for any reason. A simple "I do not like them anymore" is good enough.

    Moderator're a jerk...get lost!

    Your emotions are typical...anger, denial, etc. A competent therapist can help. Find one who isn't the shrink to the stars. 

    I get the impression your husband is a professional (?) athlete.  The personality change sounds like he may be using steroids....perhaps he could be confronted with the accusation and have to provide proof to the contrary. 

    Your children need to know Mom is stable and rational.  You can't prove it when you are all over the place emotionally and in an abusive, manipulated situation.  Get that lawyer to draw up a temporary custody agreement where you share custody with Mr. Not--So--Wonderful. Get your own place, modest and comfortable. When your kids are with you, even his name is off limits.   Be Mom and no one else. 

       Praying for you and yours.

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