Is there a difference between being smart or well educated person?.

    I take myself pretty smart never did to well in school though , never the less did succeed in my life and manage my afair quite good compare to some well educate people.Considering that I didn't have parents too encourage me true life, I would of love too have a good education, but being on your own you make misstake that you learn the hard way.

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    I agree with most of the above, but there is one part I think overlooked,  smart implies clever, cagey, streetwise etc, educated or not, well-educated implies an ability to learn, but not necessarily an ability to implement the learning that you received.  Many people are very good at taking test and learning from a book but lousy at performing what they  learned.  I think emotional intelligence, that ability to withstand pressures and stresses of a task is the the key to balance learning and implementing that learning for  what is termed "success", but is no guarantee of that.  Mr shank, in his own way describes exactly what I am referring to, a smart person learns how  to win over people with an emotional intelligence that cannot be taught, so he perceives them as arrogant and egotistical, which may or may not be true. It may be Mr Shanks own prejucide if , for instance he has an axe to grind with academic types that my have wronged him, so he resorts to name-calling.  Understandable, but to achieve ones goals, diplomacy is the smart thing to do, not engage in namecalling which is meaniless to the question.  Also, it is an inherited, nurtured commodity, that has to come from genes of intelligent people whose offspring inherit certain qualities like curiousity, likeabliltiy, personality, and gain it by being raised in a stable home that nurtures the learning process and ambition.  You have heard "a mind is a terrible thing to waste", there are smart criminals, smart, intelligent rocket scientists, actors who appear smart and intelligent, but are parroting lines written for them and are as dumb as stump about other things.  Summing up, Smart is a balance of native intelligence and emotional stability that either is educated or not, that allows them the ability to make educated choices that will move them forward beneficially. Well-educated can mean all of what I just said and they were smart enough to want more, thus education is only a tool to measure mock performance of subjects that depending on the educator, either is behind current information in what's happening in a certain field.  Well-educated in of itself can mean everything or absolutely nothing if you find that you chose wrong, the wrong career, the wrong suit you were strongest in,  One can be regarded as well-educated who skated through school not cracking a book, but manipulating, cheating, charming profs (I think of Ted Bundy) a man well educated and smart, but a diabolical killer, not a great career choice.  Thanks for a good question, a difficult complex question that required a slightly longer answer, and just barely touched the subject in it's intricacies  Good answers from all, and Ed I meant no disrespect, but why would you toss a blanket over all educated or most and call them morons,?  School and education as rule does not produce morons, unless they flat dont give a rip and attitude and demeanor become the dominant theme in their lives.  You don't need to respond, as you must have your reasons.  woofer


    Education is the accumulation of information, both formally and informally.  Some "educated" people are not smart, and some "smart" people are not educated.  Using the information as tools to problem solve and reason is what makes one smart.  So weather the information was received 'formally" in a school setting, or "informally" with life lessons, using it makes one smart.


    Good concise and to the point, that cut's to the chase and doesn't stop until the last period is put in. Well done.

    Smart is what you're born with or without. Education is acquired.

    Yes. Education only takes you so far. Life learning/street smarts take you further. Both are necessary to be well rounded. 


    Nicely said, Colleen, many folks become professional students to avoid the responsibilities of actually having to prove themselves and justify the 20 year courses they took.

    We have a professor here who did that I think.

    Not much:  Smart makes $200.000 per year;  educated gets $48,000.


    Slightly cynical, but unfortunately true in some cases but not all. Particularly, given the Steven Jobs, Gates the dropout from Harvard and add three zeros to the 200,000 or maybe 4 zeros, both examples of native intelligence, family upbringing and a spirit of independence and dare I say, arrogant and questionable business morals early on.

    Well put, woofer.

    Met many educated people in my lifetime, most have an ego has big a house. Most were morons.

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