Does anybody know a child that would benefit from being adopted by a wonderful person intelligent beautiful a living angle. She has one boy but wants another child under five but does not want to give birth again.


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    I  would like to thank you for your efforts to find a child a new mum and home and I wish and hope this has a happy and successful conclusion. Good luck tabber.


    It's really commendable of you to be trying to help out this way.

    I don't know of any children needing adoption personally but I am sure there are legitimate adoption agencies that could help.

    The key word here is legitimate.Tell your friend to be careful.

    I don't think this site is the best place for that topic. There are just too many strange folks out and about! I have seen ads in newspapers for people trying to adopt. I think an agency or perhaps an attorney who does adoptions would be a better place to hunt.


    great point.

    She could check adoption agencies in China and in Russia! She could adopt a special needs child or a child that has a genetic anomaly like dwarfism as these are the children most available for adoption out of places like Russia! She could really help a child in this way!!!

    See here>>>

    See here>>> 

    See here>>>


    What a wonderful friend you are, tabber.  Good luck to your friend in this endeavor.

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