Do You Eat Healthy On A Regular Basics

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    Very good question Pamela.

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    Yes I think I do I have my 5 a day (fruit and veg) eat alot of pulses and fish


    I like the same things., but I like cookies or cake too and I aways make it myself.

    Oh for got to mention the un-healthy things yes I was trying to be goody too shoes got caught out yes me to love my chocolate chip cookies and my home made bread and my home made pizza doe not very healthy but who is counting thanks Ann for the comment glad you like the same

    I love my pastries, cakes, cookies, ice cream, ans pizza, etc. It's all part of eating the good life as well. :-)

    love all of what you put lol

    Yes I do for my well-being! Four days of the week, I eat baked, broil chicken, fish, lamb w/lots of vegetables. Then I skip a day w/no meat. Then one day out of the week I eat something fried, because I love fried center-cut(extra lean)chops. Between that time I pick a day to enjoy one of my favorite dessert. Most of all I drink plenty of water. Love my fruits. Then start over again!!!


    Sounds pretty heathy to me.

    me too. :-)

    I have salmon a couple times a week and Ckicken or Pork n 3 times a week and 2 times a week meatless. Lots of  vegetables and fruts, water and unfortunately I like coffee too much.. Like to bake. Never eat junkfood or drink Cola or Pepsi.

    No, should but I do not. I am allergic to cooking so no I do not eat healthly all the time as I should.

    My wife told me once that the fried chicken i was eating wasn't healthy,

    I said --"Not HEALTHY?? hell the damn thing is dead!!!"


    It's finger lickin' good. lol!

    Not always, I do love my junk food!

    Yes 5 out of 7 days I cook meat or fish with at least 2/3 vegetables and during the day a apple and or an orange ,so at least 4 a day but try for 5.

    I have Salmon 3 times a week, vegetables with every meal & cake as much as I like.


    That is exactly what I like too.

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