what rights as the names on the lease do we have to kick out our border????

    he 's a 45yr old man that expects me (a mother of an 17month old and fiance) to cook and clean up after him!!! My partner and i have discussed with him that he needs to start pulling his weight around the house and help with the chores and yard crap... (as we are trying to clean up for our wedding in November) he then says yes ok and ONLY unpacks the dishwasher and restacks it, vacuums JUST the loungeroom and wipes down the toitlet seat after he spay paints the bowl and i've asked if he can clean the BATHROOM!!! To me when asked to clean the bathroom i would think right we got a bath,shower, little sink, bench and toilet so i would then ask what cleaning products do we have to do all this.... but him doing what he does all i think and feel is like what a massive help he is..... NOT!!!! I get so frustrated that i then yell at my partner and start arguements and its really starting to come between us.... The problem with him moving out is that we dont think we can afford it without him and dont want a new person living with us!! :(

    Any advice would be taken in so please please HELP ME!!!

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    Do you have a lease with him? Any signed agreements of his duties and responsibilities as part of his being able to rent a room in your home? You've boxed yourself in by saying you can not afford it without him and do not want another boarder. Where should we go with that? There is no advice here other than to deal with him as is or ask him to leave. Without a lease, you can view him as a guest in your home. You can give him just one week to pack his stuff and leave. 

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