ok. I love to work use to train kids,adoults & disabled people swimming and telemarketing but now cant find a job,please help?!

    use to be a police officer but a nose opperation that went wrong gave me bacterial meningitis and left me with left sided hemiperises, medicley unfit to perform duties. From swiming instructor,telemarketing,home care working with rspca, pamflet distribution and now I am desperate for work so that I can provide for my 2 girls as living on $120 twice a week isnt enough. kids a like pirhanas and need to eat all the time. If theres any worker that can offer me a job it would be appreciated. I can work any time of the day prefer night time. THANKS FOR READING MY MESSAGE.HOPE U CAN HELP, MY DAUGHTERS BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP WOOD LIKE TO GET HER OWN COMPUTER.......PLEASE!!!!!

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    You also posted this >> How do I get rid of the goverment trustee so I can manage my own afair as me and my children are suffering.Please help!!! 

    Why do you have a government trustee? I need to understand this to know if you are even allowed to work. What is this trustee in charge of?

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