Agree or Disagree . . . Most Americans don't care what religion people are, Muslims included. The problem many have with Muslims is that one might invite their radicalized little cousin over to US for a visit and he/she gets mad about something & blows up his backpack. That's the main fear many have, not Muslim people per se.

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    tabber, Did you know that Hitler was a Roman Catholic? I would fear anyone that hurt another human being no matter what their religion because there are radicals within most religions.

    Umbriel, I should have said that he "professed" to be a RC. I certainly wouldn't include ALL when speaking of only ONE.
    Kaylene Reece

    Religion doesn't matter. We have freedom of religion here and most are peaceful. It's not just the Muslims, people have been killing in the name of God throughout history. Remember Tim McVae(sp). I don't even know what religion he was nor does it matter. He was a murderer plain and simple.

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    I  don't have anything for or against  the Muslum belief, the same as  I don't have anything for or against, Hindu's Mormons, Catholics, Amish, Quakers ,Jewish, Buddist or any other belief,  The only thing I am not confortable with in the Muslum belief is the way  they treat  females of their own religion  and  why Muslum clergy can't seem to grasp the right of people to worship as they choose.


    I agree with you. Also I would say that most religions are based on FEAR. First of all, fear of disappearing into the natural process after death. Then fear of other people getting out of control. Finally fear of the unbelievable power of women, to give birth, to excite men. So all religions try to compartmentalize behaviour, make life an easy set of rules instead of the interesting confusion it usually is.

    Muslum is spelled Musims not Muslums.

    Most do not care about what religion others follow until the others shove their religion in that persons face. 

    I personally do not think the Muslims here are going to invite their radical cousin over to get mad and blow things up. 



    Coleen this is one time I do not think I made myself clear. I said as a figure of speech, "invite cousin over . . ." I don't mean that per se. What I mean is we see so much suicide bombing overseas everyday. I believe people really do not want to see suicide bombing start over here. My apology for bad wording. I've talked to a few people that are Muslims and they say, people don't like us because we're Muslims. My argument or point, if you will, it is not because of your religion, it's because some do not want to see extreme activities come to these shores. The cousin really has nothing to do with what I was trying to say. Sorry My Bad

    There are good and bad people in every race. We have more to worry about people in our country committing mass shootings and killing each other. There are too many hate-groups in our country, that are fare more dangerous. Good example" The latest mass shooting last sunday in Oak Creek, Wis. Wade Mixchael Page, a white supremacist, killed 6 people with a 9mm handgun in a Sikh Temple. He was killed by a police officer, before he could kill many more people. He also wounded 3 people, that are in critical condition.


    I agree with you. It's too easy to think of crime as coming from exterior people.

    I disagree.

    Whose cousin was it that went to a theater in Aurora and killed 12 and injured over 50 more? 

    I disagree, I don't want to communicate with any members of a religion that advocates the extermination of a race of people. Infidels and Muslims. Same as oil and water. They don't mix.

    I agree with your 1st sentence.  I disagree with people being afraid of anyone's cousin (unless s/he already has a rap sheet) coming over here to do harm.  After all the Muslims in this country LIVE here- who invites someone over to blow up the place where you live and work??  I do agree that fear it what causes a lot of misunderstanding and 'hate' in this world.  


    doolittle i hope i can live this question down. i did not mean 'cousin' per se. And it seems saying that totally detracted from my point and true question. someone's cousin has nothing to do with it. Really my point is are people afraid that if radical Muslim citizens come to America and want to start setting off bombs in protest would that be the reason people are so afraid of Muslim people, not their religious beliefs per se. thanks doolittle

    I think the perpetrators of the 9/11 tragedy did the entire muslim community a grave injustice worldwide. It has made it very difficult to trust them.Everytime I see a woman in a burqua i wonder what she is hiding. When I hear a conversation being carried out in Arabic I wonder what they are discussing.I'm sure there are good people among them.It's just difficult to know who the good ones are when everything about them seems to be so secretive.Call me biased if you like but I will never forget the horror of waking up on 9/11.

    Thanks ann, what is 'Gods Reserveystem of Defenses'?  Also I believe my question was somewhat unclear.  What I really was trying to find out is, are many people afraid of suicide bombing activity and not the Muslim religion or the Muslim people.  I watch overseas news and there appears that kind of activity goes on every other day.  I believe American are afraid of that activity taking hold over here.  I know there is violence over here as well.  But suicide bombings are very very prevelant over seas.  Sorry for any misunderstanding.  No bad feelings intended.  I am one of the people that is against war of any kind.  We people of all religions need to figure out how to convince our leaders that there are peaceful solutions for everything.  The wise need to influence the not so wise in all cultures.  Its a hard fight but we must figure out how to do it if we want to see children of the world have a happy life rather than an early death from war.


    We dont have to worry about suicide bombers in this country. We have our country secured. What we have to worry about in our country, is the many hate-groups that exist here and use guns instead of bombs. There are daily suicide bombings in the middle east and I dont think that will ever change. We supposedly sucessfully finished the Iraq war and there is still no peace in Iraq and the same in Afghanistan. Our troops lost theire lives for nothing. Our presence has made matters worse.

    Also, it should be noted that those who are here, as many others of us, have come here primarily to flee something from their culture or country.  The extremists are the ones who are the "bad cousins", so to speak .  Also, the people may be here to flee the same reasons that many of non-Muslims reject that religion!  

    in reply to your comment ,in any religion there will always be extremists and in this case they are treated as hero`s and so ad infinitum .as for correcting my view on propaganda ,it would be very easy to accept that governments dont use propaganda but i`m afraid they all do because it gives  them power over the masses by creating fear .i`m not saying there is`nt a terror threat but i am saying it is disproportional to the actual threat posed.

    My fear of Muslims is that as a group they do more than prosthlesize, as any Christian group my (I am a Jew--we don't) it is that there are enough of them who are radical to cause undue violence everywhere they go. I have never been to a mosque. I have read the Quoran because I want to k ow why they want to kill us. I cannot find my asnwer. But when somebody says "You don't deserve to exist" it pretty much ends the argument and gives me a solid idea of what you think of my life, my spirituality and my rights. Mad Mael Anne

    i disagree entirely with the idea that upset muslim`s go around bombing at the slightest insult.this attitude is the very cause of the mistrust .you and this question are the result of u.s propaganda .


    bowlesy i am not saying that upset muslim's go around bombing at the slightest insult. What i am saying is that there are many suicide bombings around the world where radicalaized muslims live. suicide bombings appear to be accepted and the families of these childen and young adults see the suicide bombers as heroes and that they are going to heaven and get many virgins while in heaven. Is that true or not true??? I believe this scares many people around the world. Once again is this true or am i dreaming and am i misinformed? please correct the u.s. propaganda. thank you

    I don`t know, for example, if i am Catholic, Atheist, Muslim,Orthodox etc. For me it doesn`t matter the religion is important if is a nice person .And why to imposes someone the religion, the religion is the right of every person in world. Have people that misunderstand  their religion and others religion.

    Canada is a haven for terrorists.  Send Omar Khadr and his family right back to Afghanistan!!!


    "Canada is a haven for terrorists".
    I am interested to know where you found this information. Can you supply a link or a book or a person's name? Thanks.

    md mael you are likemost people.  i dont agree with what you said  I have a lot of friend that are muslim they are kind  and will help you out. dont tar them all like you, there are good and bad in all people.



    You do not have to be so loud here. Type in regular text please. Do not use all caps. Thanks.

    i disagree


    There has been talk of sharia law here in USA. It will never happen. Read this why it should never be here. They mistreat women,and other groups of people , i wont mention. Read for yourself.


    Zorro, There is a push to get sharia law implemented in Michigan b/c Mich has the largest # of muslims of any state. There are already 11 sharia banks. They do under the name of University Bank.

    I don't know what you are talking about.


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