What is the best country or place to go to for a vacation?

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    Depends on what you like. Personally with Homeland Security and invasive body searches at airports, I would not vacation outside of my country.  

    The USA, one can safely find whatever they want right here, IMO




    go to N.W.  Michigan. It's very pretty and has high, rolling hills, lots of lakes and woods, and you can to to one of the great lakes from there......Lake Michigan. ......where you can climb up the sand dunes and have a spectactular view of Lake Michigan, and the rest of the sand dunes. Some of the towns are trendy and touristy and have a lot of artisans in the summer, and street performers on Friday nights......and horse and carriage rides. The fall color is magnificent.

    If you like cruising I would suggest a cruise to the Bahamas.  You don't need a passport, you just need a government id and your birth certificate.

    i think Mauritius basically it bases on what you need  you can check out on this  you can find same good  options for vacation holiday

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