Is Israel going to attack Iran in October, and why won’t America hand over control of the internet to the UN, after all, it was an English invention

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    It's fruitless for anyone to try and claim ownership of the internet. Should America take back all it's inventions from the world?  

    burnley john

    what did they invent on there own, the british are the brains of this world,

    If that's what it takes for you to feel better than the rest, then keep that belief. I hope it brings real happiness to your world. As an American, I know the correct spelling for their.

    No  Israel does not have the strength to have a war with Iran , Which would be a protracted war , Israel could not win.  they will do a lot of sabre rattling  but thats all.


    Israel is in the UN. The USA is in the UN. The USA has the strongest voice in the UN. Believe me, if Israel ends up in a war with Iran, we'll be going in too.

    Israel has many Nuclear weapons and is armed to its teeth. Israel already killed 4 of Irans nuclear Scientists and sucessfully carried out a Cyberattack on Irans nuclear power plant. Israel has no reason to start a war. If they do, the US should not be drawn into it,


    " the US should not be drawn into it"

    Hear, hear! But you know we will. Sigh.

    Its time we take care of our own country. We cannot afford to get involved. If we do, God help us!

    Israel may have many nukes but they would not use them because that would make Israel a world outcast amongst nations, Iran has really nothing in WMD about the only thing Iran could do is fight to the last Iranian just as the Japanese were going to do in WW2 if we had not dropped the 2 atomic weapos on them. I fear the Ragheads that run Iran would do just that. Anybody remember the human wave assults with children being used in the Iraq Iran war a few yrs, ago

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