is swallowing seamen harmful in any way?

    how much seamen can a woman swallow before it becomes harmful
    or is it?

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    The Navy frowns upon it since it is difficult enough to get recruits.
    u.s navy submarines are long and hard and full of "sea-men"
    This ques. is a perfect example of knowning how to spell what you are trying to ask. Funny

    1967~yes. oh yes.
    I know a gay midget that can answer this for you. Let me go get him. brb......

    country bumpkin

    It's full of protein and will make your nails really strong. :)
    Where are the right to lifers when you need them? Life begins with erection and every little swimmer should be protected by law from all u CANIBALS....Help ITS Canibals....ha...ha...ha.
    OK Freedom Fight took my smart ass answer, so now I have to be serious. Unless the Sailor is infected it is fine... PLZ have your partners tested for STD's before you are intemate.... I have had all of my lovers tested... If they care about you and your safety they will not have a problem with it.
    Jenna under normal conditions no . But there are many unpleasant and nasty virus type germs waiting to prove me wrong. STDs are still a very real threat. I dont think its the act of swallowing the sperm that can be so harmful but to put a infected cock in your mouth etc etc can lead to you contracting the viruses ewwwwww .So pick your partners carefully, testing maybe not the safest way but its a start

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