whats there problem

    Have a co-worker that is always calling people honey, sweetie, love.  They even call perfect strangers these words.  I don't like it when they use these terms towards me, I have asked that they stop, but so far it hasen't.  Why do they insist using these terms?

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    I really don't see a problem , it"s  just their way of "communicating" perhaps you should lighten up and accept  em for what they are..

    If you've already asked them to stop,

    then they should definitely listen.

    I'm guilty of using terms of endearment myself.

    I don't mean anything sexual by's just my

    way of saying "buddy" or "pal".

    Got to a supervisor to get help, if you want 

    them to stop. 


    As I get older, I find that more often, I am called "dear", "hon", "sweetheart" and although, at one time,  I really didn't like that, I now see it simply as a term of endearment towards (I hate to say this) "an older lady".  I don't take it as an insult as it almost always comes from a warm and friendly young person. (I may remind them of their grandmother)                   :)

    If that's your worst "workplace issue", you might try to just roll with it.  I doubt that the two of you will work together for the rest of your lives. 

    Get in touch with your HR department! These endearments are not allowed! I find no problem with them but if you do then start  complaining!   Why do these sayings upset you so?  I know they are things not to be said but why the upset is beyond my understanding!

    Thanks, have already done that.  I wouldn't mind it so much if it wasn't in the work place.


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