Cockroaches, how do I keep them out of my house?

    I have lived in the same house for almost 30 years and just now I am getting a few roaches! I spray once a month inside and out and still getting them. Thoughts?  I have seen one in the kitchen and killed it.  Seen 1 in the living room and killed it.  My wife saw 1 in the kitchen and sprayed the heck out of it, but did not smash it (silly girl), and my son saw one under the toilet seat.  How are they getting past the monthly spraying and how do I stop them?  Can they come in through the drains?  If so how do you stop that?

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    Roaches and water bugs (some which look a lot like roaches) can get in through your drains.  Check out the site Romos posted.  Also, roaches can come in via grocery bags, cartons, etc.  Large food warehouses tend to have roaches.  Fortunately, roaches will just roam..unless there is a Queen roach inside, or in a nest close to your home outside- then you will have a nice villiage f roaches living with you.  Quoted as being the only living thing that would not be affected in a nuclear blast makes one understand how difficult it is to get rid of these critters.  Try the natural roach control and if that doesn't work call a reputable pest control co. and have them search for the nest, the way in via pipes, etc.  Before the co. srays it's toxins make sure you know how long you and your pets need to be away from home and how to store food etc properly (and dishes) so the toxins don't make you, your kids, or your pets ill.lkkkkkkk

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