work history from 1985 to 1995

     I am a Teamster @ local 631, located Las Vegas NV.  I am trying to put in for retirement.  The company handling my funds (WESTER CONFERENCE OF TEAMSTERS PENSION TRUST) has lost my time and money put into this pension trust from 1985 thru 1995.  I am presently going thur my storage shed looking for paper work showing I was paying into this fund but do to a recent health and long hospital stay I am unable to finnish looking for required information.  I would like to get  all records from listed dates sent to me.  I also need to see hours and employers cover on listed dates supplyed.  My union is a partime/fulltime union which provides skill worker for our convention industry his in LV, NV.  So many different employors, which our union supply it is mostly layoff from one company until next convention then process is started over again. Please contact me at FORSYTHEJW@HOTMAIL.COM.

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    Hello, unfortunately we are not the site you need to contact

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