how can I learn about how about Medicare and how it works - I am a cancer patient/survivor and so is my husband

    My husband and I are struggling desparately financially- like everyone - and we don't know what to do to find out Medicare - that might be an option for me - I am disabled due to cancer.  We stand to lose our house, because my husband's salary is so low, and we have tons of medical bills that we are paying on.

    Any advice is appreciated.  Thank you for your time.

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    Do you have a senior center near you? They should have volunteers who can come and explain medicare to you. Or call medicare and ask for a counselor to help explain your options. 1-800-MEDICARE

    Unsure of where you are from,if you are in Australia,any Medicare office can assist, you may also qualify for Centrelink assistance, and at least almost certainly a health benefit card which would be of great assistance with the cost of medication, it may also be worthwhile enquiring about sickness/disability benefit, as you may be better off without a low wage. A carers pension and benefit may be more feasible and make life a little easier, good luck 

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    hi so sorry to here about you and your husband but the 2 of you so ill you must be able to get help sometimes for your bills get in touch with your bank they can put all your bills into 1 payment also your dr or nearest hospital should be able to sort out abot getting the both of you looked after let me know how things go bless othyou b

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