How many Best answers do you get? I see my thumbs up are limited (didn't realize they were called Vote-ups). Must be why I am a intergenerational friend at school!

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    Honey yer funny!! haha! Don't look a day over 39 either so hush with the granny crackers talk...although I can dig the rather inter generational thing after being mis-took for my childrens' granny!!! Yowch!! haha!
    So you can vote one answer as best and you get a limited supply of thumbs up/karma points votes at first which gradually gets increased as you go along asking and/or answering questions. It is addictive and fun and for the most part answers are based on personal knowledge and experience as well as finding things on the internet for folks who don't know how!! Have fun and welcome to this crazy forum!! Peace.

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    Hi Jayhawk1945  welcome to the site hears a TU for you, enoy you will love it as for best answers I have had a few but i am not worried on that scale just answer the best I can TU are ok as that does help your karma and you then can TU every one answers if you approve

    You can only give one best answer per question you ask, if you answer more questions and get involved in the site you will gain more Karma and your vote ups will increase daily.

    Welcome to akaQA.

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