Has anyone tried Amberen?

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    I have looked on the website and there is a few possitives but quite alot of negatives the one thing I did pick up is this drug does not have a website which is a bit of a worry they are saying its the most natural ingreidents its a hormone replacement if you can go with out and put up with the hot flashes I would rather do this than take drugs its the long term use that worries me good luck


    Thanks. I think I will go see a dietician and stick to the diet and exercise approach!

    first of all welcome to the site and second well done in the next step exercise is one of the best and your five a day good luck Mel

    Thanks for welcoming on board.  This is actually fun and informative!  I am not sure how the voting all goes but my thumbs up ran out pretty fast!  Is there a limit on Best Answers?


    Jayhawk no you can only you can give best answers who wrote the question the thumbs up is for the answer th thumbs down is really only used when some one is being agressive or swearing but in that case you would report abuse and that it xxx

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