how can i lose weight fast, without being hungry?

    ;)Im very chubby and im too chubby for my age

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    green coffee bean extract. check it out via Dr. Oz.

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    Me, too.  I would like to suggest you have several small meals or snacks each day.  For example, an egg with a slice of toast and 1/2 banana for breakfast, a piece of fruit or cup of yogurt about 10; lunch could be a salad with chicken or fish (Salmon/Tuna) and different vegees; mid afternoon snack could be crackers and cheese; dinner with 3 oz protein and vegees and starch; finally a dessert of pudding, jello, or such around 8.  Make sure you drink plenty of fluids (some say as much as 1/2 gallon per day); two cups of coffee, tea, glass of wine or a beer; at least half your fluid intake water.  
    Stay away from full fat and sugar-laden processed foods. Try to take a 10 minute walk three times every day, too.
    Good luck!!!   (Oh, the better quality food you eat, the less hungry you will be). 

    As BobPKB says, have six small  small meals a day,that way you don't allow yourself to become so hungry your ready to grab anything, eat whole foods low in GI ,yogurt and a piece of fruit for morning tea after a good breakfast, lean chicken or fish and salad for lunch etc, it's a matter of retraining yourself to eat differently,you also need to incorporate exercise,walking or swimming etc. Read labels,things often claiming to be low in fat are very often high in sugars and sodium,it takes time but the effort will pay off, you will lose weight,feel better, and those cravings for fast and sugary foods will disappear,also make sure the meals you make yourself are not boring,salads and healthy foods can and do taste as good or better than all the fast food and convenience food we eat too much of ,all the best and I wish you luck

    Drink alot of water



    Yummy !

    I dont really like to drink much water on its own.

    I need to drink more water because I am a chub....well, plump !

    lots of protien, few carbs.  The more of the first and the less of the second, the faster you will loose.  Peace.  :)

    priya laga full ga tinte fat ga avutav

    I would say the obvious answer would be exercise, so that you are burning more calories than you are eating. But there are some great tips here for losing weight. 

    Weight Loss Tip #1: Don’t Miss Out on Breakfast

    Don't miss out on Breakfast

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and even more important if you want to lose weight. You should start your day with lean protein and fiber. Both of them fill you up and regulate your appetite, making you less likely to suffer cravings later in the day. Whole grains like oatmeal (porridge) and nuts are good choices and they both help lower your cholesterol.

    Weight Loss Tip #2: Manage Your Stress Levels
    Many people reach for comfort food when they are stressed. Chocolate and Ice Cream are two favourites among the stressed. Unfortunately they are both very high in fats and calories. There is a medical reason why you reach for those sweet dairy products. Stress makes your body release the hormone Cortisol and Cortisol triggers cravings for sweet and fatty foods. Both of those will make you put on weight and increase your cholesterol levels. So learn some relaxation techniques and practice them daily.

    For more information on health and diet and how to get yourself into the shape that you want fast, check out Fit Yummy Mummy

    Weight Loss Tip #3: Eat the Foods That You Love

    Eat the food you love

    It’s a fact that when you starve yourself your body recognises that and holds on as long as it can to its stored fat. You need to eat often and satisfying foods to avoid that. But you should make some changes so that you are taking in fewer fats and sugars, which by now you must know are both bad for your waist line and cholesterol levels. So change over to low-fat and fat-free versions of foods that you currently eat wherever possible and choose lean cuts of meat instead of burgers and steaks, better still go for fish and poultry.

    Weight Loss Tip #4: Re-stock Your Kitchen
    You are going to make losing weight and reducing cholesterol twice as hard for yourself if your home is full of the foods that are bad for you. So get rid of all the bags of chips, cakes and biscuits and any fatty frozen foods that are lurking in your freezer. Replace them with healthy fruits, vegetables and nuts that you can reach for when you feel like snacking.

    Weight Loss Tip #5: Sleep Well
    We have discussed before on this site the benefits of sleep to your health and weight loss programme. If you are not getting the daily sleep that you require your metabolism can slow down, burning up less of your calorific intake and making you less likely to exercise. So check our article, lose weight in the dark and get the best possible sleep that you can every night.

    Weight Loss Tip #6: Find Some Fit Friends
    If you regularly hang out with your friends eating Pizza and drinking beer while watching TV eventually that will take its toll on your waist line and cholesterol levels. But if you have friends who you play a sport with, go to the gym, walk, run, cycle or swim, then the opposite will occur. You will encourage each other to stay fit, slim and healthy.

    Find some fit friends to exercise with

    Weight Loss Tip #7: Keep a Diary

    DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal (Available from Amazon)

    I was once told if you measure anything it gets bigger, well that’s true for weight loss too. So keep a regular record of your progress, but do not concentrate solely on the scales, check your measurements too, stomach, waist and chest are good indicators. But if you are a regular gym junkie you may want to measure the muscles that you work on, like your biceps, thighs and calves. Recording all of the food that you eat will also keep you going in the right direction, or fix any hiccups that you may have along the way.

    Weight Loss Tip #8: Exercise
    OK I lost count, so this one is a bonus and we have already covered it above to some extent. But exercise offers many benefits. It burns calories, which helps with weight-loss. It boosts “good” HDL cholesterol and lowers “bad” LDL and triglycerides. So incorporate lots of activity in your day. Include a mix of aerobic exercise and strength training. Everyday tasks, such as cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, sweeping the yard, walking to and from work, or the shops etc. all count too.


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