Is there anyone out there selling a used Thermomix that doesn't cost a house and a car??

    I have seen the wonders of the Thermomix and sadly I am a student and of course they say the price is worth the paying which I understand.... but Wow almost 2,000 big one?, not everybody has that in their front pocket. I have searched and searched, great price on eBay but the problem is its all bid and it eventually catches up to the price it was originally if not higher.

    Is there anybody out there who is wanting to sell their Thermomix?

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    Contact the company and tell them that you would love to have one of these. Tell them that you are a University student and live on  campus and don't have a lot of money. Explain it would be a great marketing plan for them if they would allow you to buy one at a discounted rate so you could show it off to your campus friends and others and get them to buy one too. They just might go for the idea. 

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