Is it hot?

    It's going to be 106 degree's tomorrow and 107 degrees the next. : (

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    I did NOT mean to put the word "switches" up there where I put tags. Making a mistake like that on a public forum is like burping in public.

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    Sometimes it's hot...sometimes it's not.


    Sometimes soup boils in the pot.
    Sometimes you want a little.
    Sometimes you want a lot.

    Some like it hot
    some like it cold
    some like it in the pot
    nine days old.

    Some jump high.
    Some jump low.
    Some are in the middle
    and just so so.

    Itsmee it not here.... its raining YET again auful summer the UK is getting


    Raining? Hmmmm? I remember that. It's cool. Night night, Mel.

    itsmee thanks and nite nite hope you have some rain soon xxx

    It is 7;40 am in Nh. and it is 59 degrees. It has been very comfortable  the last week and today it schould be 80 degrees  every day until Friday, when it will go up to 87 degrees.

    I dont like it as hot, as you have in California. I would not be able to function. Stay cool!


    I`d like it just a bit hot...even for one day here!!..Are mel and me the only ones on here(EXCEPT Romos) have no summer..except floods)!!...please send sunshine!!!:-)

    Millie, I am sorry that you have floods and no sunshine. Sending sunshine to you and Mel by UPS. Hope it arrives safely.

    Who said I function?! : /

    Itsme, I dont think anyone could.

    Things have cooled off for the past 3 days but before that, it was very hot.


    booo booo..hiss hiss!!LOL!:-(

    I’m here in 106 degrees and it’s no fair, I say. No fair, Ed1530.

    We're supposely  to be back down 80's-low 90's, I hope, still praying for snow though.


    SNOW! You joking? Where are you?

    itsmee, I'm in MD but, if it snows we'll not be sweating to death. I can always put enough clothes on to stay warm but, I can't take enough off to stay cool.

    Truer words were never spoke. : )

    I’m going to start watching the weather news.

    It's always warm here in Texas but I've noticed as of late that it is hotter in other parts of the country, am happy to share.............


    I visited Texas at Christmas time (from California) I took sweaters and little boots. The entire time we were there it was HOT and muggy.

    Are you talking about weather in  Fahrenheit .Then not much hot...

    Yes ,but my tea was hot.



    It Normally is alway's hot in Louisiana


    Yes, it is from what I’ve heard. I’m fascinated by the state of Louisiana. Stay around, Kriff. Maybe we can learn a little more?

    For me it would be time to live in the bathtub.

    It ain't hot here.Today we have had a balmy 20 degrees celcius.Rainy tho & very misty. Stay cool Itsmee. Go to the mall & sit in the A/C.

    Vancouver Island currently 65 degrees F with an expected high of 75+ degrees tomorrow. Time:12:19 a.m.   It is gorgeous here...I'm out on the deck should see the stars!! There are literally hundreds and hundreds of them....(blink) (blink)

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