Katie Holmes has to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Agree?

    Soooo glad she’s taking Suri far far away from Scientology.

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    Yes, she is one of the few actresses out there that is truely the late Ava Gardner, or  Liz Taylor, or Sophia Loren.   The other actresses------stripped of their make-up, lightening , blurring of camera lens,, photo shopping scenes, plastic surg,- - - - -they really are kind of plain Carmen Diaz.



    I like to see them stripped of their make-up...they look like regular women!!!!!!!!!

    Liz Taylor was beautiful and when her beauty faded she gave so much to the cause of AIDS.
    I don’t think Carmen Diaz is a plain Jane but she was much more beautiful before all the plastic surgery.
    I gave you the “best answer” because you were the only one who agreed with me. : )) I hope no one barks at us. You rock, mcm.

    I wouldn't agree about her being the most beautiful, but the further away from scientology the better.


    Did she finally leave Tom? I hope so- he is one weird dude!

    She filed for divorce a couple of days ago.

    and she gets to take Suri- good for her!

    I am doing a weekly report with my friend. She picks her subject. I pick mine. I think I'll take Scientology. I went to the Scientology place in Berkeley one time. It felt so weird inside. I met someone real important. Maybe it was the king or something. : D

    The King of scientology?
    Or King of the Fleas?

    to---itsmee, Scientology is a cult. Don't dabble in it. So is the " Christian Science Church "

    @ Romos- We are lucky to have The KOTF here- much better than the King of Scientology! (Can you only imagine the threads if a Scientologist were to push their beliefs- pft and we thought the other religios threads were bad) LOL

    I'm sure it would "throw up" some interesting debate,

    "throw up" being the operative phrase- LOL

    There are many beautiful women in the world. Katie is very lovely. I wish her and Suri the best.


    Meeeee toooo, Ann.

    Ditto what Romos just said.

    Shes ok.

    I wouldn't kick her out of the Scientology meditation room if you know what I mean. :)




    I sure a agree with" Loon."

    No, my mother was a true beauty as was my grandmother.............


    ditto for my mother and grandmother :-) and they had a heart to match it .

    There are 7+ billion people in the world. Assuming 50% are female, there are maybe 1+ billion who can possibly be characterized as "women". Unless one has seen them all, how can this be seriously answered? Now , if the question is " who is the most beautiful woman you've ever seen?" That's another question altogether.


    I should have said it your way!! My my!

    Maybe now we might find out who the actual father of Suri really is.


    LOL! :) That's what I was thinking!

    Yes. I hope everyone is safe.

    LLB- True! and BTW what ever happened to Nicky and Tom's 2 adopted kids???? Nicky doesn't have them- has Tom locked them away in the attic?????

    yes,b/c his two previous wives couldn't get preg by him. Altho', Katie was preg with Suri before they got married.

    doo, Tom Cruise was making a movie lately with his son he and Nicole adopted.

    My catsmom, tom was married to Mimi Rodgers and Nicole Kidman, both did not have kids by him, both get divorced and remarried and walla kids, the guy's impotent. --- it takes a good child to know his/her mother , but a better one to know his/her father.:)

    LLB- I agree. In fact, I do remember Nicole saying she could have kids when she was with Tom (no comment from Tom...and rumors (which He never fought) spread. Which may explain why Suri is 'allowed' to leave with Katie- there is some weird Scientology thing about the kids having to stay with the Scientologist parent if there is a split....It's all really crazy!

    Sorry to keep using your answer,dear Bulletman but this is where the discussion seems to be happening.

    The divorce is already finalized...

    Wow..11 days and an agreement...and mine just drags on and on and on!

    Yeah but unlike Tom Cruise, who's top box office (personally I don't know why) and has many, many secrets, you, dear Doo, are an open book by comparison. :)

    I'm glad she has Suri- I thought there was a Scientology "law" that if you split the kids stayed with the Scientologist parent.  Proves that Tom is too into himself to give a hoot....and where did he put the 2 kids He and Nicole had????


    he and Nicole adopted the 2 kids

    I thought it was only the Muslim law that says if a couple divorces, they kids stay with the father.

    She's okay, but so is Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, and quite a few other contemporary actresses. It goes with the territory I guess.


    Halle Berry beat Katie by a mie!!!

    Yes, Doo...Hallie Berry is gorgeous, as is Salma Hayek.

    Hector...Boleyn, sweetie...Boleyn. :)



    Did you say “No!!!” : )
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    She is undoubtedly very attractive, but I think she will have a hard time filing for sole custody of Suri, Tom has stated he will wait until the publicity dies down,file for his own divorce and also custody of the little girl, sad to see any child in the middle of this,but away from Scientology, yes


    oh well, she knew he was a scientologist before she married him.

    Katie was a kid when Tom jumped on the couch on the Oprah show. (I saw that show but it was about the ONLY show I ever watched) He pulled Katie out from behind the curtains. She was so embarassed and uncertain. Oprah tried to pull up her jeans so her belly button didn’t show. Her hair was a mess - no make up.

    yeas,itsmee and mcm,I think Katie was young and naive, swept away with the whole Tom Cruise thing,Scientology may have even seemed a reasonable way of life before it stepped in to indoctrinate her her little girl.Katie has grown and is npw a wiser more confident woman

    katie and her daughter are very pretty.


    Suri looks like she would be difficult to discipline. Just a wild guess.

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