The Beach Boys are coming --- to Adelaide in September.

    What i would like to know is-- has anyone seen a live performance recently, i am a great fan of the Boys, but iam not going to fork out some where between $132 - $ 285 for a ticket as these boys are now old men, have they still got what it takes?

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    They were here in my home town just last

    weekend believe it or not Bulletman. I didn't

    see them but the review in the paper was quite



    Thanking you Dardaigh, i think i may get mixed reviews on this one.

    Don't waste your money My Laird.

    I saw them 2yrs ago, as rj said, it was just going through the motions.

    Better to remember them as they were.


    That was going through my mind ,Romos to remember as they were 50 years ago, that really makes me feel old.

    I know,I was just a kid but I remember them well.

    Thanks guys i will see you tomorrow night, day for you -- logging off sand man is coming.

    Sweet bulletman, how fun to see The Beach Boys live!  I have seen them twice; both times were at the Big Fresno County Fair in early October.  The first time was over 30 years ago, and the last time was just a couple of years ago.  Dennis and Carl are deceased, Brian wasn't performing, and Al Jardine wasn't there, either.  Only vocalist Mike Love was from the original group. 
    There was good energy from the supporting cast; young musicians who played the music straight, not embellishing.  Mike was personable, and it was mellow.  
    I would NOT pay $50 to see them, and I LOVE their music.  


    MsBob,this is the Beach Boys 50 Anniversary World Tour except for Carl and Dennis it is the original group, regardless of what they sound like i would really like to see them live, price of tickets a litte hefty, because of this i missed seeing the Eagles now i regret it, thou they started at $200 per head.

    If this is the 50 year celebration tour and you get Brian and Al along with Mike, I'd give it a second thought, if you can afford it. That doesn't happen every day.
    I would think twice for myself, as well.

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