what are some questions for interview in deck cadet?

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    1) Personal Details

    2) Your maritime training school? What kind of marks did you get at the school?

    3) Any of your family at sea? Why do you want to join sea? Do you know how long you will be at sea? Will you be able to handle the long periods away?
    Do you know how much sea time you require before you can get a 2nd Officer's Licence.

    4) Do you have a girlfriend? Do you think she will be waiting for you to come home? Can you handle it if your girlfriend wants to break up because
    you are away for a long time?

    5) What are your aims in the future of a sea career? What would you want to be eventually?

    6) Do you know what kind of ship you will be joining with the Company? Tanker / Bulk Carrier / Container ship / car carrier / general cargo?

    7) What is the first thing you need to do when you join your first ship? Report to the Captain or Chief Officer and present your papers / documents.

    What should you do thereafter? Answer: familiarise myself with all the safety requirements such as -
    a) emergency alarm signals, (b) muster stations and lifeboat stations (C) location of liferafts and lifejackets (d) emergency escapes
    (e) nearest fire alarm raising button and fire extinguisher that you can reach from your cabin

    9) What would you do if you sees smoke or fire onboard?

    10) What would you do if you see someone fall overboard?

    11) What are the Personal Protective Equipment which you should put on before going to work on deck?

    12) What precautions would you take before you enter a cargo compartment or enclosed space?

    13) Who would you approach if you have a personal problem when you are at sea?

    14) Do you know how to operate a winch, a windlass, an accommodation ladder, a pilot ladder, a crane?

    15) What would you do if someone onboard ask you to operate a piece of machinery but you do not how to operate it?

    16) Have you heard of the term "Risk Assessment"? Do you know what a "Permit to Work" is?

    17) What navigation lights does a power driven vessel display when underway?

    18) How would you determine whether the risk of collision exist between your vessel and another vessel?

    19) If your ship is 20 knots, how far would she have moved in 6 minutes?

    20) Do you have a "Seaman Discharge Book"?

    21) What is the expiry date of your passport?

    22) Do you have a USA Visa?

    23) Do you know the wages for a first year cadet?

    24) What is the minimum home allotment required by the POEA?

    25) When will you be ready to join your first ship?

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