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    How to calibrate Cruz Reader's touch screen
    by ExMORTIUS on Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:44 pm

    How do I calibrate my Cruz Reader's touch screen

    If the icons and buttons on your touch screen seem a unresponsive, your touch screen may need re-calibration. Begin by laying the Cruz flat on its back and finding a writing implement to use as a stylus. A closed retractable ball-point pen works well. Be as precise as possible, and be careful not to accidentally touch any other part of the screen during the calibration process.

    To begin, select Home > Menu > Settings > Language & Keyboard > Touch Calibration and then follow the instructions in yellow. You will be told to touch at crosses (1), (2), (3), & (4). If not successful, the "Can't get valid calibration ..." message will be displayed and you will have to begin again at cross (1).

    Note: It may take a number of attempts to complete calibration. DO NOT give up. If asked to start again, then keep going until you have success. Interrupting the process by powering off the unit can lock up the touch screen making it impossible to unlock again from the lock screen after restarting the unit. If this occurs, you will need to restore the unit to factory condition.

    If successful, the "Average DIFF = ... " will be displayed with instruction to touch cross (5). After this, the message changes to "Calibration is finished! Touch any to quit."

    Note: This article applies to the Cruz Reader due to it's resistive screen and does not apply to the Cruz Tablet.


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