How can I change the internet provider on my laptop?

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    Call a new internet provider and see if they cover your area. 

    I agree with Colleen  post.


    What's your current location?Before getting your new  internet service,You should keep in mind the following instructions.
    1. Look for the total cost over the whole contract
    2. Set-up fees
    3. Time to be connected
    4. How much data is included in the plan?
    5. Will you be charged extra fees if you go over your data allowance?
    6. Monitor how much data you use
    7. What is the duration of the contract and what is the cost to cancel it early?
    I followed all the above tips and found Comcast internet service.From the past three months i use Comcast internet service
    I never had any problem with their services.
    For me Download speed-20.047mbps Upload speed-6.043mbps I checked my internet speed using     What do you think about my internet speed?

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