I can't concentrate. Boy drama has completely got me in knots.

    Actually, he's all I think about. You see, it's only recently I have had a crush on him because he moved schools, or am I just missing him?

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    My guess is you are missing him.  The feelings will fade with time; hopefully not too much time, because that "mooning" time is time lost.  If it is really paralyzing you from doing or being, read "Surviving the Loss of A Love".  Easy read; very helpful.  $8 at Barnes & Noble.


    That reminds me of Jhharlan aka Julie. She always recommends it. : )

    Yes, itsmee, that is where I got the recommendation and I should have listened to her weeks before I did. I was as heartbroken as I'd been for several months; finally I was at Barnes and Noble and found it. What an easy book to read, and one of my favorite poets included. I guess the turning point came when I read one of the poems:

    Was it a drain to see you again?
    It wasn't a drain.
    It was a sewer.

    Aside from giving me a good laugh, it put me right across the line and I've not looked back. Thank God for Julie.

    Maybe you are feeling a little abandoned and lonely because he has changed schools, keep yourself occupied and busy so your not obsessing about him.

    If you got the crush after he changed schools maybe you just want something you can't have! Is your age correct on your profile? You seem to be younger than you say!

    I haven't even thought it through if I really love him or I'm missing him! I just can't decide.

    "Hell is other people" said by a famous author. I remembered the quote but not the author!

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