sim card is blocked forgot my 4 digit code only lets me dial 911 please help

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    When you bought you're mobile you got amoungst other things a piece of paper with the pukcode. You need that when you did try three times you're pincode and the phone is blocked. My manual said about the three times and the pukcode, but not what to do with it. I find out that the pukcode exist out of 8 numbers and you're phone is asking for that number.


    Jack Large

    He mentioned 911. EVERY cell phone, whether it has service or is activated or not, will still allow one to dial 911.

    I donate my old cell phones to the Salvation Army to be given to someone so they can always get help from a 911 operator.

    To make it ever easier to do so, I program all the numbers to speed dial 911, as well.

    No need to buy the services of the "I've fallen and can't get up," folks. All they do charge a monthly fee to dial 911 for you.

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