where is the transmission on a 2000 honda accord se?

    trying to put transmission fluid in my tansmission

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    You need to find the dipstick. It will be marked transmission fluid. Find that and pour the tranny fluid into the hole you took the dipstick out of. If you do not know where the dipstick is, how do you know the car needs tranny fluid? The only way to tell if it needs it is by inspection the level line on the dipstick. You need to run your car and get the engine hot. Then check the dipstick. You can not check the fluid level when the engine is cold. DO NOT overfill the tranny fluid or you will have problems with your transmission and it will have trouble keeping itself in gear. Since you apparently do not know what you're doing, verses risking a repair bill that could be $500 or more, take your car to transmission shop or even one of those in and out lube places and have them check the transmission fluid for you. 

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