This year, in Sacramento, CA, I have discovered many black spiders with a white dot on its back. Also the second two legs look like crab claws. what is this spider?

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    This is most likely to be a White-Spotted Jumping Spider, otherwise known as a Daring Jumping Spider or Phippus Audax. They are not poisonous, although they will bite if they feel intimidated - in the same way as a wasp will sting when intimidated. They do not release venom that is harmful to humans. As with any insect bite or sting, they may cause an allergic reaction in a small amount of people.

    These allergic reactions are not usually fatal and symptoms of a reaction usually consist of a lump around the area that was bitten at a greater size than a sting, nausea, headaches and a general feeling of being unwell. This feeling of unwell and other symptoms will pass but if you are concerned, see your GP. Following a bite from the Daring Jumping Spider, there is usually a slight pain for approximately an hour at the site of the bite. The pain should be minimal and will usually pass after this time. The Daring Jumping Spider gets its name as it tends to jump on its prey.

    It is seen as being daring as it preys on insects that are sometimes much larger than itself. These include Black Widow Spiders. They are good at hunting due to their good vision. This is helped by their large eyes that point forward that they use to hunt out their prey. Here are some tips for identifying a Daring Jumping Spider: Usual size: 13-20 mm. They tend to move side to side, like a crab and also jump.

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