What is the symbol for rebrith or new beginning

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    The Phoenix 


    The Sun : Constantly setting and rising anew, the sun makes every day a new beginning.
    The Lotus : Growing in murky waters it's beautiful bloom surpasses the mire to spread its lovely petals, strong symbol of new beginnings/beauty amidst darkness.
    The Phoenix : The bird which dies by flame, rises anew in it's own ashes as rebirth. The symbol of nonstop rebirth and new beginnings.
    The Butterfly/Caterpillar : The ugly caterpillar enters the caccoon to emerge a beautiful butterfyl. Signifies change can bring about new beginnings and beauty.
    The Ouroboros : An ancient Greek symbol, the ouroboros is usually depicted as a serpant consuming its own tail. The symbol hints at the cyclical nature of life and how we are constantly "consuming" and recreating ourselves. To get forward we must consume our past or we cannot move forward.
    The Egg/Baby/Seed : As the initial stage for any species or plant the egg/baby/seed represents the hope of a new beginning.

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