Starting July 1, Taxis can now charge $50 for Vomit Fee....What say you?




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     I do feel sorry for cab drivers, the abuse, the insults, getting robbed is all in a days work for them. A fee should apply for some drunk puking in the taxi, however this can be prevented if bags are provided if need be.


    If the cabbie suspects an intoxicated person on board (which is not hard to detect)e.g slurred speech, yahooing,verbally/physically abusive, these are indications that it is quite possible that the intoxicated passenger may feel the need to be sick, therefore the cab driver can offer a sick bag.

    getting stiffed

    I agree with pythonlover.that they schould provide bags, when one gets sick. I also think a $ 50.00 fine is approbiate . They have to take time to clean up the cab. Lost time is less money for them.

    Well someone's got to pay the cleaners!?   LOL  ;D


    lindi, the drivers could clean it up themselves

    That'd be why the fifty spot! I used to want to drive hack...but the barf factor is a bit much! Oy vay already!! :)

    I would charge them $75.00 for making me vomit. Have you ever been in a taxi in NY city? 0.0


    LMAO!!!! hahahahaha!

    This IS Chicago.

    I'm betting they drive even worse.

    Yes- but, you take your life in your hands when you get into a NYC taxi- LOL!!!

    yes.The drivers are rude.

    This is the 1 city I refuse to drive in. I would be shot- I'm way too polite.

    Charging it is one thing; collecting it will be another. 


    That isn't a bad idea; cabbies are taking credit cards now, so it's entirely within the realm of possibility.

    Umb, You woke up in the bath tub the next morning ? !

    Enough to make you sick!


    Here's your barf bag...that'll be fifty bucks pleeze!! LOL ;D

     A lot of cab firms here(uk)..offer to stop the car for 15 mins..but they charge £25 C. IF that doesn`t work and people vomit!...I don`t blame takes approx an hour to clean up their cabs..fares lost..especially w/ends!...People should know their limits and take responsibility for their own behaviour!

    Working in a casino-I sure wish I got a 50.00 dollar fee for barf! People barf everywhere! Even at the poker tables!  Barf has to be treated as a biohazard! Which means more containment bags and disinfectant! The worse barf case I had was in a female sanitary disposal box on the wall! What fun! But ,of course I'm supposed to be professional about those things! YUCKY!


    I couldn't handle my kids' vomit...their dad had to tend to that; I don't know how you do it, clu, but no one should have to clean up that kind of mess without being compensated VERY generously for doing so.

    I cleaned up plenty of vomit when I was an LPN. One of my private duty cases vomited on me at the beginning of my shift in her house, and I tried to sponge it off, but had to stay like that for 8 hour.

    clu, and people at the casino have been known to wet their pants, b/c they don't want to leave the poker table, or their favorite slot. One time at the casino, in the morning, I saw a man stretched out over 3 slot chairs---sleeping !

    The gamblers pee and puke everywhere! However no sleeping at this casino! Security will roust them. The can sleep in the chairs at the bus depot only! And they do! It is fun to run the cleaning cart across the marble and granite floor to wake them up! We all do that!
    millie111 I take it that you`ll pass on doing a night shift in A/E?..Damn...I`d already put you down on the duty rota!;-))lol xx

    Yes $50.00 is fair!


    I would fine them and then make them scrub out my cab!..Old enough to drink..old enough to drink responsibly!

    It is so gross cleaning up other people's vomit when they are ill. I agree with you, when they are drunk they should pay-up and clean-up!

    Agree to charge if the bag was provided, easily accessible but not used.

    I heard it was $100 from some cab driver. Can't blame them though.....


    Are you back already? :)

    I bit the bullet and paid extra just to get back on. Now I have to find a place to live. Say a prayer for me, thanks......jhh

    Sending good vibes baby...glad to see you and will surround you with the money-come vibe...streaming NOW!!! ;)

    Thank you, @lindilou!

    i WILL

    Thank GOD they can't charge retroactivly.

    it would be interesting to find out how a cabbie gets on asking a drunk for an extra $50 on top of the fare,i`d like to be there to watch that.


    No kidding!

    What a saga!! Especially if it's someone thoroughly my new landlady...that would be a laugh and a half to watch for sure man!! :D

    they prob wouldn't have the money,b/c they would have spent it all on booze. LOL

    Well, in certain areas on the night shift, they do pick up a lot of drunks, but I don't think it costs the cabbies  $50.  to clean up the vomit.  Better the driver carry a bucket in his car, and hand it to the drunk.


    I agree...bucket is the way to go...I like the U.K. idea of pulling over and allowing them out to vomit while the taxi also keeps the drunks from driving...that's really the bottom line.

    Yeah doesn`t cost them $50 to clean it up...but they may well lose fares while it`s being sorted!;-0

    If people can`t take their drink, then they should stick to baby drinks like milk & orangeade, or stay home. I`ve been drunk in cabs quite a few times, but have never puked in one.

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