I have a court order saying that my kids are to be at their fathers house from 5:30 pm on Friday to 7:00 pm an Sunday . I went to pick up my three children and only two of my kids came out of their dads house, so I would like to file a motion of contempt because he failed to obey the court order my seven year old daughter was not their and will not be home till Tuesday, and I gave him no permission for my daughter to leave her dads house to go to camp when my daughter is suppose to be in my cust

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    If you two adults stopped acting like the kids who you are supposed to take care of, this silly question would never need to be asked. Grow up;Both of you ! Quit being so petty.

    This is akaQA, you can not file the motion here. Get in touch with the court the court order was made at. 

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