how 2 know a girl is vergin or not???????pls ansssss

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    If you believe the Gods are not pleased and you have an over whelming urge to throw your girl into a volcano then she is most likely a virgin.

    Or let a doctor tell you.


    Listen to Ed. He knows stuff. (I lean toward a doctor visit)

    Ed, even a Dr. can't tell if a girl is a virgin. If she had sex once or twice, she might still have a hymen. It might have torn a little bit, but healed and still be intact.

    I never really looked into before and I don’t think I will. It is very medieval thinking in my opinion. But I will be understanding of those who do not see that way so I would tell them to see a Doctor and let him/her say what they had on their mind.

    You can ask her, but it is really none of your  business.  Do you think you are Prince Charles? And may I ask you a question?  If you want to marry a virgin (note the correct spelling), are you capable of being one yourself???


    Best answer.

    I've updated your answer Umbriel to remove the unnecessary insulting tirade you posted to Bob about exclamation points. When akaQA is published as a book, then you can critique people from a literary view point.
    Striving to remain a virgin til married is not a new concept to the rest of the world. The idea has been in place for centuries.

    Tell you what, since you're so sensitive about multiple exclamation points, go search out a forum with educated people who do not use them. What you wrote was designed to insult Bob to the core because you have an issue with her. It was completely out of bounds and across the line. She did nothing to you nor did she say anything to you on this question. You chose this comment to slam her just because you felt you could. I'm here to tell you that you can not. If you do not like the company here, find another forum.

    Last note, I believe she used them because the person who asked the question also used them. For myself, I would do that just to allow the questioner to see how silly it looks. But I'll let Bob answer for herself if she so chooses.

    Thank you, Colleen.
    Dumbriel: Being a virgin on one's wedding night is NOT something of which to be ashamed. In my opinion, part of the problem with the world today is the slackening morals, one of which is indiscriminate sex. There is no shame in choosing to be celibate before marriage.
    Correcting a spelling error should not cause you to become ballistic AT me. It was done in a courteous way. The triple question marks are nonverbally adding "Are you sure?" and "Really?". If it is so vital for his future wife to be a virgin, why would it not be equally important for the husband to be likewise?
    You don't have to like it and you don't have to like my questions, answers, comments, or anything else about me. YOUR opinion of me is worthless. No exclamation point, and certainly no question about that.
    Now, back to your pizza and hooker.

    you can't really tell .......b/c some girls don't have a hymen ( a  " cherry " )  and some girls tear open their hymen when they put in a tampon. The only one who can tell if she's a virgin, is the girl, herself

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