what makes a toilet flapper fall too fast

    installed a new flush valve with flapper to solve this problem but no go. tried adjusting the chain length but again no go. why won't the flapper float long enough to flush?

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    The chain to the flapper is hooked up too long.  Try to hook up the chain shorter, one or two notches at a time until it's doesn't close to rapidly.

    It is either mounted improperly, (high low,) or it is the wrong type of stopper




    it came premounted to a new fluidmaster valve
    Jack Large

    I do not understand you problem.

    "Fluidmaster" is a FILL valve, mounted on the water inlet.

    The shutoff flapper is mounted over the dump line to the tank, that has a whole in the bottom of a bulb that allows air to escape when the tank is empty and the flapper to fall into the closed position.

    Perhaps you have the float on the "Fluidmaster" set to low, as the reason it does not run long enough to dump the tank?

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