my wife and myself have seperated,she has left the house which we own jointly,can i change the locks on my doors leagaly?

    she has taken the furinture she wanted.

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    Looks like it is time to sell up and give your wife half.

    Certainly. The question is whether or not you have to give her a key. 

    No, but you can do so illegally to keep her out until she gets a court order, to protect you stuff until you get a divorce.





    No you can not. She still has legal rights to the house and you can not impede her access. 

    Laws vary from state to state, country to country.  What is considered legal in one area, is definitely NOT, in another.  Contact a lawyer.

    You can do this,  but, she has every right to re-change the locks or break a door or window to re-enter the property at any time. (It is not considered breaking and entering to do so. She is half owner and you can not break and enter into your own home.)  Any changes you make to the home should be passed by her too (you could end up owing her more if she does not approve)  In this particular case, possession is Not 9/10ths of the law.  Once you have a written separation agreements signed by both parties- she will still have rights (although more limited) until you buy her 1/2 out, sell the home, or  get a final divorce.  (and in some cases, the sale of the house may be mandated by the courts- even if the profits are divided unequally).  The reason for the divorce has no bearing on the fact that you co-own property together.  {this, of course, is how the law is in the State where I live.  It could be different where you live.}



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