where would I trace a wallpaper I have seen in a house on Holloaks programme on Channel 4

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    You would have to find the set designer and hope they have it noted somewhere as to which company they bought the wallpaper from. 

    A novice answer would be:

    get a DVD of the program and halt the program when you can see the wallpaper clearly. Tape some tracing paper on the screen and copy it by hand.  



    A computer savvy technical answer may be:

    I use an electronic camera to get a photo copy of whatever  so that I can more easily search for similar subjects. Google+ is excellent in finding photo similar subjects and enables me to track back to their origin. A photo off the TV showing a wall paper pattern you like can be photoed then crop off what is not the pattern in an art program. The rough pattern  can go into Gimp( a Linux art program that is free, and loaded in as a layer so that the image can be reduced or enlarged etc as needed. Object layering allows image manipulation somewhat similar to tracing paper but is much more versatile.  Online classes are available for Gimp @   enjoy.


    You're trying to scare her, aren't you? LOL

    Ok and I love you too.

    Hahaha, I just got this image of her reading what you wrote and her head was spinning round. (((hugs)))

    Sounds like it would be more trouble than it is worth even if you find the house and get the TV station to tell you were it is it could take weeks.

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